After a long stressful day, everyone wants to take a break from the busy schedule and the best way to do it is getting a good massage. It provides complete relief from the pain and it also helps to increase the overall health of your body.

Most of the people have no time to attend the regular massage sessions at the spa or from their massage therapist. Fortunately, massage chairs are available with great features to provide a total relaxation and the full body massage at your home itself.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave

When you use the massager machine, the warm human touch applies pressure on the muscles in order to reduce the daily stress, stiff muscles and increase the circulation throughout the body. There are different types of massage chairs available in the market and the Inada Sogno Dreamwave is considered to be the best product out there.

If you want to take some rest in your home, then the Dreamwave chair from Inada welcomes you with open arms.


This massage chair is made up of synthetic leather with the anti-microbial finish and the material of the product is highly durable. The ergonomic design provides maximum comfort and the seat cradles you while sitting on the Dreamwave chair.

The remote control helps to adjust the settings and can be placed on a small pocket located at the side of the chair. This Product is available in three different colors like red, brown and black, the height of the chair is adjustable and ranges from 5 to 6.5 inches.


The unit contains roller for generating the motion in the form of waves when the user leans backward and it uses the shiatsu massage techniques for relaxing knots on the muscles. The inflated airbags are present on the chair for creating compression on the lower back, thighs and legs.

Full Body Massage

This massage chair contains many active air massage cells and 13 motors for providing full body coverage. The interesting feature is that you can set the level of roller in different options namely wide, medium and narrow. The maximum length of the roller stroke is 28.9 inches.

Massage Settings

You can select the program easily on this dreamwave, just press a button and set it according to your preference. This machine has eight different massage programs to get the best massage session each time and it includes full body, quick, night, morning, youth, dream wave, full body air and stretch.

In addition to this, it also contains 18 unique manual massage types such as kneading, shiatsu and human hands etc. With this unit, you can set the session from more than 1000 combination of massage options.

Full Upper Body Massage

The airbags on both sides gently lift up to the neck and then the kneading process gets started. The built-in adjustable pad and the air cells apply pressure on the top of the shoulder and down to the fingers, this session provides you a complete massage for the full upper part of the body.

Food and Calf Massage

This Dreamwave massage chair contains both air pads and rollers for giving a deep massage. The best feature is that it comes with food bed and you can place your legs comfortably.


  • Gives full body massage
  • It has large massage surface area
  • This massage chair includes food massager
  • There are more than 1000 massage preset options
  • Suitable for all age group people


  • The price is little higher than the simple massage chairs

Bottom Line

The Inada Dreamwave is one of the best luxury massage chairs through which you can get an amazing body massage without any discomfort. This device contains many unique features when compared to other devices that make the product preferable. Most of the customers are giving positive reviews for the product.

Let’s know in comments if you are using this incredible massager chair.