The modern lifestyle brings many health problems and if you sit for a long period without any breaks then due to the lack of stimulation the muscle gets stiff and causes pain in your shoulder or neck, and sometimes it will increase the risk of acute or chronic pain. It is important to take massage after the long day of hard work and usually, people visit the local spa every week to get full body massage.

If you are a busy bumble bee having no time to visit the spa, then the simple massage treatment at your home can help you to feel better both mentally and physically. Fortunately, there are many massagers are available in the wonderful world of the massager and acquiring a best neck and shoulder massager promotes health to the entire body. Using the massager, you can reduce the unnecessary visit to your massage therapist.

What is a Neck and Shoulder Massager?

The neck and shoulder massager is extremely beneficial to reduce the aches or stress in the muscle and it also increase the circulation throughout the body. Moreover, you can get a professional massage in your home itself and the neck and shoulder massagers are very convenient to use because you can set the intensity, time and speed according to your needs.

The interesting feature is that you can take with you while traveling and this type of massager works on the hard to reach areas such as shoulder and back. Try to own a neck and shoulder massager because it will definitely reduce the muscle spasms, knots, tight muscles and much more.

Brookstone Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat

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One of the affordable devices that can knead the shoulder muscles and minimizes the pain in your back is the Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager from Brookstone. The best part of this device is that it will loosen the knots on your body and it will provide instant relief from the pain or aches.

The Shiatsu is one of the amazing massage techniques which focus on the pressure points to heal various problems in your muscle. This massager has kneading balls which work like therapist’s fingers and does not cause any discomfort. In addition to this, the massager provides heat for soothing and relaxing the muscles.

With the three main functions such as Shiatsu balls, heat and vibration you can get a massage same as that of the spa and it works deeply into the tissues for discharging the tension or stress. The Shiatsu neck and shoulder massager is the great device for providing the complete relaxation by applying pressure on the trouble spots in your body.


Rotating Deep-Kneading Massage Nodes

One of the incredible features I like to point out is rotating nodes which are used to relieve tension and it releases knots on the neck, shoulder and back. There are 8 rotating deep-kneading massage nodes which work like human fingers and works directly on the muscle in order to remove the stress, pain and any discomfort.


A recent research shows that the massage with heat reduces pain and increase blood circulation. The heating elements in this unit provide additional comfort and smoothens tired muscles. You can increase or decrease the temperature according to your needs and if you use this massager after the long busy day, then it definitely stimulates better sleep. The manufacturer recommends that not to activate heat function more than 20 minutes in order maintaining the stable temperature.

Massage Modes

The Shiatsu neck and shoulder massager provides two types of massage and you can select the mode accordingly. The first mode is regular one-direction which works in the single direction and another mode is two-direction that provides massage in both the direction to get the better result.


The ergonomic design holds your head and neck in good position. It has the padded handle that enables the user to raise or lower the node to get more comfort and you can adjust the intensity by applying the pressure on the handle. The soft strap has large loops for holding the arms in different lengths and you can wrap the massager around your neck easily.

The average weight of the product is 4.4 pounds and the dimension is 7 X 16 X 7 inches. This device is one of the ideal gifts for those who travel for long distance and you can carry this massager anywhere you want. Whatever the cause of pain just use it and it will provide complete relief from chronic neck or back pain which is caused by the injuries or any other disorder like arthritis, fibromyalgia etc.

Try to reuse this massager after 40 minutes in order to increase the lifetime of the device. The goal of the neck and shoulder massager is to restore the energy in your body and the people who sit for a long period definitely like this fabulous invention.


  • This product is highly portable
  • You can adjust the intensity just pulling the strap
  • It provides deep tissue massage to reduce the tension in the muscle
  • There is no Sharpe edge and the rotating massage balls are very smooth
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • You can use it while sitting or standing


  • It may cause some noise
  • You can’t use this massager while sleeping
  • It is not recommended for those who have sensitive back because the pressure may too strong.

The Bottom Line

Hope you got a clear idea about the Shiatsu Head and Shoulder massager from the Brookstone. We recommend this product for those who want to take massage whenever wherever they want. This is one of the best massagers out there and you can get a decent massage at the lower price. Try this neck and shoulder massager and share us your experience.

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