Not only a foot massager turn to relieve all you ache and pains, it also promotes your body health and blood circulation. There is no other relaxing technique other than treating with the portable foot massager after a lengthy working. portable-fppt-massagerFinding the best suited portable foot massager solves all your foot problems such that it also does a big favor to save your money investment.

With the subsidy of the portable massager, you can able to easily massage your foot during your travel and leisure time. It further provide hand free massaging feature which is not much large and portable enough to take with you anywhere.

Using such a wonderful foot massager, makes you day brighter with the complete relief from foot aching problems. The portable foot massager enables the user to quickly deal with the tension filled and tightened muscles. For your quick reference, here are some few portable foot massager models that you can pick.

Inexpensive Portable Foot Massager

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Mid Range Portable Foot Massager

Top 6 Best Portable Foot Massagers Chosen by MassagerLand.Com

3Q MG-F18 Shiatsu Kneading Portable Foot Massager


If you look for something which is quiet relatively simple in foot massaging, it is best to go with the 3Q MG-F18 portable foot massager. This amazing multi functionality portable massager covered up with kneading massage, shiatsu massage and 3q-mg-f18-shiatsu-kneading-foot-massagerheated air pressure.

You may awe with its adjusting two work modes, one at automated and other at manual mode. It usually mated with auto turn off option to prevent the overheating function. The kneading and shiatsu massaging option with the air pressure massaging tends to heel your foot for covering all the acupuncture points.

Also it offers relaxing and soothing action featuring high versatility. Its lining material is fabricated for easy cleaning option for the user comfort. 3Q MG-F18 portable massager is easy to access which upholds two levels of temperature heating for effective massaging.

Its air intensity messaging level can be adjusted with three different options from weak to strong for the user comfort stay. This high versatile portable foot massager is well trusted due to its gentler massaging. Unbelievable in its Light weighted measure and its touch toe controlling panel caters you with instant adjusting access without making any moves.

3 Speed Shiatsu Kneading Foot Massager, Two Level Temperature Heating Option

Its three speed massaging functionality tends to offer different level of heating technique for efficient foot healing process.

Key Features

  • Heated air pressure
  • 3 speed massaging


  • High versatile
  • Easy mobility


  • Unfit for high sensitive feet.

Relaxzen 60-3020 Shiatsu Portable Foot Massager


If you looking for the portable comfy foot massager, Relaxzen foot massager serves its best for healing foot’s aching, stress and soreness. relaxzen-60-3020-shiatsu-portable-foot-massager-with-heat-functionIts soothing heat healing effect provide the user with the relax heat therapy.

You can able to choose the massaging angle with its two selectable massage directions. It helps to regain the extreme comfort level by means of releasing yourself from the stress, pain and foot fatigue. It’s simple hand controlling option issue more comfort for the user not to mover anywhere.

This relaxing portable foot massager eases all your foot pains and plays a significant role in improving the blood flow circulation. Its quiet portable functionality helps you to relax while watching TV, reading books or other commercial works.

Relaxzen portable foot massager does not require any kind of installation tools to assemble such that it can be easily carried anywhere. Its inbuilt scratch resistant fabric lining material can be easily detached and washable.

Scratch Resistance Foot Massager, Portable Shiatsu Kneading Massage

This portable foot massager is highly featured with scratch resistance to be used for both shiatsu and kneading massage.

Key Features

  • 2 massage directions
  • Easy-to-use handle control


  • Scratch resistance
  • Quiet operation


  • Unfolded foot massager.

Inerzen Multifunction Shiatsu Kneading Portable Foot Massager


Enjoy the warm relaxing massage during your long journey with this Inerzen portable foot massager. Its kneading shiatsu massaging effect enables you to sterilize the air pressure for promoting proper blood flow circulation. inerzen-multifunction-shiatsu-kneading-portable-foot-massager-with-full-feet-relaxerThis portable light weighted foot massager consists of automatic shut down option to prevent the overheating.

Using the Inerzen portable multifunction foot massager, leads a quick way to stimulate all your leg’s pressure points for relaxation. This 3D air massaging unit aids to restore all your energy thereby saves your money and time wasted in waiting for a deep massage in spas.

Inerzen multifunction portable foot massager comprise of three different shiatsu massaging mode with different strength and medium. It helps to relax your body from stress and promotes a good sleep. Its heat warming functionality allows you to warm your feet with accurate measure. The ozone mode is highly implemented to clean the dirt settled in your feet.

Multifunction Portable Foot Massager, Full Feet Relaxer

This portable foot massager featuring multi functionality features to provide the full feet relaxing effect.

Key Features

  • High portability
  • 3D air massaging


  • Warming mode
  • Automatic shut off


  • Cost effective

Updated Version of Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager


You can enjoy with its deep kneading massage at the one touch button option for attaining a pain relief. With this portable shiatsu foot massager, you can able to alleviate your tired aching feet without wasting your money investment on beauty care centers.updated-version-of-belmint-shiatsu-foot-massager-with-removable-switch-heat-cover

The Belmint portable foot massager does not allow you to wait in the salon or spa for getting the extreme massage experience. Its two independent type of foot chamber assist an equal massaging effect. The deep kneading technique is highly featured with the vibrating motion to drop out all your tiredness.

It incorporate center controlling panel with the soft touch button option in the personalized massage settings. The inbuilt separable type of the selective heat function provides gentle warmth to the tired foot and leg muscles. This freestanding portable foot massager design can be easily removed and washable. Its convenient clothing cover offers a comfortable stay for the users.

Finest of all, this foot massager includes tired less mode to let you sit in a full relax state for the whole day. The Belmint portable foot massager constitutes the ability to improve and regulates blood flow circulation through the entire body.

Easy Detachable Foot Massager Heat Cover

This freestanding foot massager includes the attitude to quickly remove and clean the machine efficiently.

Key Features

  • Center controlling panel
  • Soft touch button


  • Cure tired aching feet
  • Save money investment


  • No ergonomic design.

Homedics Deep Kneading FMS-270H Shiatsu Foot Massager


User who prefers this portable foot massager will gain lot with its extensive functionalities. Its deep kneading functionality of this portable foot massager makes you to relax and soothes your feet surface. homedics-deep-kneading-fms-270h-shiatsu-foot-massagerThe Homedics FMS-270H foot massager machine is completely highlighted with the simple toe touch controlling option that let you to stay relaxed on your chair.

Homedics portable shiatsu FMS-270H foot massager adds six rotational heads to offer a double massaging with 18 different masse nodes. It’s free to node adjusting option take over a control on the three different spinning nodes.

With soothing heat option, it allows you to have an accurate shiatsu massaging involvement. Its automated shut off features aids to save the power wastage. This light weighted machine does not hurts, provides you enough space to store and move around. It is reticent enough to use this massaging unit without causing any kind of noises.

Double Massaging Effect

The Homedics portable foot massager machine is eminent for its double massaging effect to yield a user with the complete relaxing effect.

Key Features

  • Toe touch control
  • Automated shut off


  • Free to adjust
  • Saves power


  • Complement heating.

Beurer Shiatsu Foot Massager with Inbuilt Heat Function


This freestanding electric portable foot massager makes utilize of the shiatsu massaging style that usually rest on the floor to comfortably place your foot. beurer-shiatsu-foot-massager-with-inbuilt-heat-functionBeurer Shiatsu foot massager includes 18 rotating massage heads with three different massaging notes over each head.

With the two speed option such as slower mode and faster mode, you can able to make some adjustment with the massaging speed. The base of this portable foot massager can be adjusted to lend different angles. It does not carry any vibrating mode to cause much louder noise performance.

Its breathable mesh fabric tends to cover the heads for preventing the foot from extreme heating effect. This portable foot massage provides ease of using the device for additional relaxation to your foot muscles. It allows your feet to be comfortably fitted in its position to make some adjustment with the massage settings.

Freestanding Electric Foot Massager, Breathable Mesh Fabric

This freestanding electric foot massager is very much benefited in relaxing your foot with the implementation of inbuilt breathable mesh fabric material.

Key Features

  • Electric foot massager
  • 2 speed option


  • Easy to carry
  • Easy floor resting


  • Non adjustable heat level.