Neck pain and shoulder pain is the most common problem occurring in 50% of the American at present on a daily basis. Plenty of reasons can be derived for this neck and shoulder pain related problems, few of them includes sitting for an extended period at your office work, driving for a prolonged time, carrying heavy weight grocery or other bags, luggage, etc.

Painkiller may solve out few problems and provides temporary relief, but there are some serious causes of neck pain namely arthritis, whiplash, muscle strain, etc. which needs immediate medical attention.

Though there are many types of products available in the market to sort out these neck and shoulder pains, Massagers are highly preferred by most of the American citizens due to the immediate relief and benefits they provide. Nothing can be better than taking a wonderful massage after stressful actions at the office.

How does Neck & Shoulder Massager help?

There are shoulder and neck massager machines that assist in treating the body stiffness, muscle tension, soothe muscles and get rid of pain and other stressful activities with ease.

There was a time before where massagers were only used in few luxury health clubs, spas, medical places, etc., but the situation has completely changed. You can make use of these massager machines at your home itself at an affordable rate.  

In short, a shoulder and neck massagers help in

  • Fast Relief from Muscle pain
  • Increases Flexibility
  • Enhances Circulation
  • Improves your sleeping time
  • Speed up the Muscle Recovery
  • Lessen Heart Rate
  • Increases Circulation

Types of Neck and Shoulder Massager

There are five different kinds of shoulder and neck Massager namely

  • Vibration Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Percussion Massage
  • Kneading Massage
  • Massage with Heat

Benefits of Owning a Massager Machine

At your home, you can feel easier and comfortable to reach any hard areas like sides and back areas with the help of a massage machine; this can be a little difficult task while you are massaging from a professional massage therapist.

There is electric massager which provides more convenience to use them; it’s easy to adjust the speed, intensity and other preferred settings as per your need. Your machine will get switched off automatically once it reaches the time limit.

You can take this neck and shoulder machines anywhere you need as they are portable and less in weight. You can use at your work while sitting or standing as per your schedule.

Owning a massager by your side has the major advantage of getting yourself relieved from multiple activities namely tight muscles, neck or shoulder pain, knots, and muscle spasm.

Characteristics to consider before grabbing a Massager

Every massager will not provide the comfort and convenience, it’s important you note some factors before you purchase a neck and shoulder massage for the long lasting and for enjoying the benefits of it. So never fail to check out the following characteristics before you pick a one for you.

  1. Massage Techniques

Most of the massager developed for the home purpose will have the shiatsu massage settings; some models may include other massage settings like kneading, beating, etc. So know what type of massage technique you will need and then grab the massager with the preferred massage settings.

  1. Styles & Functionality

The massager comes in various designs, and most of them are developed in a way that can be wrapped around your neck backside. Few of them are developed as pillows for the support. While considering the manual massagers, they are designed in the shape of canes and will contain the pressure point knobs. Some electric massagers need to be plugged in for the active function, other few works on charging options.

  1. Heat Therapy

Many Neck and Shoulder massagers will indulge a built-in heat therapy functions; you can make use of it if you often suffer from stiff or sore muscles.

  1. Reviews

Before getting any product from online, its must you check for the reviews of a product. Make sure you are reading it from the quality sites so that it remains true.

  1. Price

The high-quality neck and shoulder massager machine cost varies between $25 to $300. There are too many positive reviews for the massagers that rage under $50 so you can get the massagers at an affordable rate itself. If you require for extra massage techniques, then you need to opt to the higher cost massager machines.

  1. Other Features you need to look for

Here are some extra categories you need to look for a foot and shoulder massager machines

  • Check whether the massager can be cleaned easily
  • Ensure if the massager is automatic and can be shut down automatically once the time limit is reached.
  • Positioning Handle
  • Power Cord
  • Infrared Heat
  • Padded Arm units
  • Massage Nodes
  • Control panel

Top 10 Best Neck & Shoulder Massager Machines

If you are ready to get a shoulder and neck massager online, and looking for the perfect products for your pain, then it’s important you need to get them from the quality and reputed manufacturer so that you can enjoy the overall benefits. If you search for the products online, you may get hundreds and thousands of product from different manufacturers.

It means you can get from any massage suppliers? NO! You need to get the one that is highly reliable, made of high quality and much more. To help you guys, our team of professionals has listed out the top 10 favorite, leading neck and shoulder massager machines that have delivered good results and a preferable one in the market at present.

Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager from truMedic

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If you are the one who is looking for a personal masseuse with shiatsu massage settings along with the heat, then you can opt for the truMedic neck and shoulder massager without any confusion, this popular and most preferred massager by the customer ranks first in our best picks of shoulder and neck massager.

Powerful in getting you back fresh and active after every massage, there are many unique features in this massager that makes this product a most preferred one. The simple control panel option makes your work easier; there are three buttons which is simple to operate and comes with a LED indicator light for your convenience, also comes with reverse and heat options.  

In a single box, you could find everything you need for a perfect massage, this truMedic massager is not just for your neck and shoulders but also can be used around the various parts of the body namely legs, hamstrings, etc. Massage can be done over the pain area and therefore provides a stronger relief from stress, knot, muscle catch, etc.

The right amount of force can be put on the pain area by relaxing the grip or pulling tighter; this massager will provide the experience that a professional massager massages you. You can take this neck and shoulder massager anywhere you go, position the massager on the pain area, set the time and enjoy the relief.

The manufacturer is also providing a color matching carry case and free fitted with the product, the price of the product is high but worth the money invested over the shoulder and neck massager. Measures about 16.5X7.2X7.5 inches and weight about 5 pounds.

Shiatsu Kneading Massage Pillow from Nekteck

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Looking for a perfect personal massager for the complete relief from stress, muscle pain, and other problems? Prefer to choose Nekteck shoulder and neck massager machine who is a famous manufacturer of producing first quality health and workouts related products for their customers at an expected rate, this ranks second in our best picks of neck and shoulder massager machines.

The versatile design is considered to be the ideal section of this shiatsu massage pillow; this is intended to target the areas like lower back, neck, upper back, and shoulders. There are eight types of deep kneading shiatsu massage so that you are assured for the more profound relief and soothing of invigorated sore muscles. There is an option for selecting the massage with heat or without heat, and this can be chosen as per the comfort. The fabric developed to be ultrasoft helps in attaining a soothing surface, and the remote control option permits easy and convenient operation.

Other important feature the customer prefers this neck and shoulder massager is due to the

  • built-in heat prevention system
  • springy massage head with the clockwise and anticlockwise direction
  • The versatile design that supports massaging over the neck acupuncture point
  • Portability
  • Simple operation
  • 12V DC power supply suitability for both car and home
  • automatic shut off and much more.

The package contains a Nekteck massager pillow, one car adapter, one AC power adapter and a user manual. The price of the product is high but worth the money spent over this neck and shoulder massager. Measures about 15X8X7 inches and is about 3 pounds in weight.

Shiatsu Back, Neck and Shoulder Massager from Brookstone

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There is no wonder in Brookstone manufacturer getting third in our best picks of massagers as they are one of the highly efficient and reliable manufacturers at present and they have developed more successful products and garnering thousands of customers daily.

The versatile design along with the heating system provides the maximum comfort and support during the massage. There is eight deep kneading massager that helps in getting rid of the aching, tired and painful muscles. The massager can be lowered or raised so that you can feel the comfort on particular spots.

The heat along with the massaging option soothe any pain effectively with ease, there are two modes namely the single direction and auto-reversing so that you can choose the one as per your preference. This massager with shiatsu settings makes a preferable one among the customers.

This Brookstone massager was designed especially for the neck, upper back, lower back, and shoulders and therefore take advantage of it for getting a stressful sleep, feel more relaxed, active, refreshes and limber for the rest of the day with this high-efficiency shiatsu massager.

The price of the product is high but worth the money you invest on a neck and shoulder massager, measured about 7X12X7 inches and is about 4 pounds in weight.

Cordless Deep Kneading Neck and Shoulder Massager from Bruntmor

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Are you the one who is looking for a portable rechargeable neck and shoulder massager for getting a stronger relief from the aches and other problems occurred due to the over stress? If so opt to this Bruntmor full body massager without any confusion, and this ranks fourth in our best picks of the massager.

Experience the warmth of this Shiatsu Neck and shoulder massager as they are developed with more attractive features to make the product a unique one from other massagers out there in the market. The shiatsu settings along with the heating system help to get rid off any pain with ease.

The massage is so soothing, relaxing and comfortable; the manufacturer also provides a matching carrying bag along with the product. The cordless massager can be adjusted by stretching over the different areas of the body so that the massage can be done on your preferred body area.

The advanced heating option gets enabled by just a single tap; this massager treats the tired and tight muscles to make you feel active, easier and pain-free. The manufacturer has developed this neck and shoulder massager with high-quality materials, and therefore you are ensured for the safety, they also provide one year warranty for the product so that you can get the product without any hesitation.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery shell is made of safe and durable PU leather, and therefore the relief and relaxation can be attained for an extended period, and also you need not worry about the durability. Measures about 11X6X6 inches and is 4 pounds in weight.

Kneading Massage Shiatsu Massager from Naturalico

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Worried of the sore muscles and body aches? Looking for a massager that can soothe and relives all body pain at your home itself? Here is the right product for you, yeah Naturalico provides the best quality neck and shoulder massager for their customers with some equipped ideal features.

The manufacturer offers you the maximum relaxation and deep comfort with the shiatsu neck and shoulder massager. You can experience the spa-like quality massage just at your home. This massager push and stress the tight fiber muscles to sooth the pain and other body problems.

The versatile design helps you to stretch the massager throughout your body; the lightweight design enables you to take the product with you wherever you go.

The other features within the neck and shoulder massager involves Four different massager nodes, comfortable on and off heat options, portable and lightweight handheld designs, best for the home and work, multi-directional functionality used within the massager, automatic shutoff option, simpler control panel, cat adapter, AC adapter and much more.

Improved recovery steps and more restful sleep is the primary reason for the maximum preference, the price of the product is high but worth the money spent over the neck and shoulder massager. The product weighs about 4.4 pounds in weight.

Kneading Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager from Naipo

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The manufacturer who has produced multiple health and gym related products for their customer is garnering more preference over the last few years, and this product from Naipo captures the sixth place in our best picks of the massager.

The manufacturer has improved the massager with more extraordinary features and therefore ensures for the relief from fatigue, stress and enhances blood circulation. This neck and shoulder massager adds the best benefits your daily routine. Can be used in the home or office for the profound and comfortable massage and you will be relaxed the whole day.

The popular features that make this product ideal are the pocket handle which helps in applying pressure and also can adjust the massager to reach any hard areas, the dust wrap system can be removed for the cleaning purposes, and this has the deep contact to your body soothes the deep muscles and relieves you from aches.

The car adapter and wall adapter provided by the manufacturer is UL certified, and there is an Auto shut-off action enables so that it gets switched off automatically when the limit time is reached. This contains a simpler control panel option with easier operation, and this makes the massaging option easier.

You will be getting a shiatsu neck, shoulder massager, mesh protector cloth, car adapter, wall adapter and user manual with the product, the price of the product is affordable, and therefore it falls within your budget. Measures about 4.2 pounds in weight.

Kneading Shiatsu Massaging Therapy Pillow from Belmint

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Feel better and comfortable after a stressful day with this Belmint shiatsu massager, and this ranks seventh in our best picks of neck and shoulder massagers. You need not go to any expensive therapist to massage yourself as this massager acts a complete body massager and provides the greater soothing relief without much expense.

This massager is developed with advanced kneading system and contains more than eight massaging application mode to change as per your preference. You will be able to adjust the massager as per the place you need to massage, and this effective technique helps in enhancing the blood circulation over the neck, shoulder and other parts of the body.

The massager helps in regaining the complete energy you lost with ease and also improves your muscle flexibility and overall health. This neck and shoulder massager helps in reducing your anxiety, stress, depression, soreness, stiffness, pain, strain and much more within minutes.

The handheld feature is another important benefit; this helps to control the massager optimally as per the needs. This is perfect for massaging over your neck, shoulder, arms, calves, legs, etc.  The price of the product is affordable and measures about 14X5.3X6.8 inches, 3 pounds in weight.

ZMA 13BK Pillow Massager from Zyllion

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If you are looking for a portable massager for your home, car, office or to be used over other areas, then you can choose this Zyllion neck and shoulder massager for you without any hesitation, and this ranks eighth in our best picks of shoulder and neck massager machines.

They are developed with four kneading rotation which helps in relieving yourself from any muscle tension, knots, aches, etc. They can be set to reverse or in heat directions as per the massaging session. The heat function allows you to feel the warmth and the extra function touch help in improving your blood circulation.

You just need to press On button in the control panel to start the massaging process; the automatic shut-off option helps in turning off the massager once it reaches the time limit. The straps are developed to be adjustable so that you can move the massager to various parts of the body.  

The massager is developed using high-quality materials, and therefore you are ensured for the durability, they are soft and simpler for cleaning. The slim and compact design makes the customer goes crazy for the product, the power adapter provided by the manufacturer is of top-notch quality.

The manufacturer is offering one year warranty so that you can get the product without any hesitation, FDA listed and also there is a 90-day money back guarantee if you feel the product is not good. The price of the product is affordable, measures about 13X2.4X9.5 inches and 3.5 pounds in weight.

Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager from LiBa

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Looking for an ergonomic shiatsu shoulder and neck massager filled with multiple functionalities at an affordable rate? If so, get this LiBa massager without any confusions or worries as they are one of the developed of the high-quality massager and has developed more successful product over the last year, this ranks ninth in our best picks.

The ergonomic U design makes this perfect to use in the car or any sitting position; this will provide the perfect support for your neck, abdomen, shoulder, calves, thigh, lower, upper back, etc. and therefore no chances for aches or stress. The heating function along with the shiatsu settings helps you to sooth muscles and aches quickly.

This is portable, and therefore you can take this neck and shoulder massager anywhere you need. The automatic shut-off system helps in shutting off when the time limit is reached, and therefore you need not worry, the manufacturer also provides three years warranty along with the 90 days money back guarantee so that you can get the product without any worries.

The high-quality materials ensure the durability, the neck and shoulder massager can be moved around with the help of the reverse and heating directions. The price is less, measures about 13X7X4 inches and 3 pounds in weight.

Myofascial Trigger Point Release Tool Therapy from Body Back Company

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The Body Back Company has developed many successful health-related products for their customers and has garnered a lot of positive feedback, and this particular product has been awarded by many top newspapers and websites for their accurate results, this ranks tenth in our best picks of neck and shoulder massager machines.

The high-quality material used in the tool ensures you the durability, this product which is made in the USA is free from PBDE, BPA, and TBBPA and therefore suit to the health standards. The landmark design on the product is impressive and also developed stronger and with easier grip.

This is best in the case of self-massaging experience, and this perfect design offers different therapy knobs for providing the relief, relieved you from trigger points, spasms, muscle knots, etc. This product is highly recommended by the experts and medical professionals.

This neck and shoulder massager has no risk, and the manufacturer is providing 100 % lifetime guarantee so that you can get the product without any hesitation. The price of the product is less when compared to other product listed here, measures about 27X2X17 inches, 1.2 pounds in weight.

Bottom Line

Ensure your self-massaging machine is providing the complete comfort and relief from any neck, shoulder, and other body pain rather than adding extra pain due to wrong selection.

Be sure to get the right massager machines as per your neck and shoulder conditions and then choose the right massager machine for enjoying the overall benefit.

Any ideas, queries, and thoughts on the shoulder and neck massager are welcome!