Mostly many people all over the world suffer from a common problem in their foot. This is foot pain and there are various reasons for foot pain. It may be caused due to stress, constant walking, inflammation in tissues etc. foot-massager-for-plantar-fasciitisPlantar fasciitis is also an important reason for foot pain.

Foot massager is considered to the best and natural way to treat plantar fasciitis. Regular massage will eradicate this problem completely from the foot. There are various types of foot massager available for plantar fasciitis in the markets. Among them, one should select the best suitable and useful equipment for plantar fasciitis.

The foot massager for plantar fasciitis is generally of two important types. One is automatic foot massager that operates of its own and the other in manual foot massagers which requires manual force for operation. Both these two-foot massagers are effective and they offer higher performance to the users

Need Of A Foot Massager For Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fasciitis can be treated with regular massage too, but any imperfections in this massage will lead to a big problem. Hence foot massager should be used while treating the person with foot problems.

Further, the foot massagers are built with various features. These features increase the metabolism and functions of the body. It also supports the body and adds various healthy and attractive features to it.

Hence, it is important to choose the best foot massager for plantar fasciitis that relieves pain and increases the metabolism of the body.

As there are two types of foot massagers, it’s the duty of the user to select the best foot massager for their convenience.

To help you, I have shortlisted some of the top rated foot massagers from both the categories.

Best Automatic Massager

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Favorite Plantar Fasciitis Massager  

Best Manual Massager

Top 6 Best Plantar Fasciitis Foot Massagers Chosen by MassagerLand.Com

Manual Foot Massagers

As mentioned above manual foot massagers are devices designed with manual operation. These foot massagers are effective and that can be used durable in various environment and climatic situations. Some of the top rated products in manual foot massagers are listed below.

Theraflow Dual Foot Massager Roller


The top rated manual foot massager among all the categories is the TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller. This device is effective and it is designed lightweight with easy operation. This massager is made up of high quality, polished Theaceae wood that is durable. theraflow-dual-foot-massager-roller-largeThis wood is effective and it can beat large weights without any stress or strain.

This device is designed in such a way that it can be operated in two modes. These two modes are the acupuncture mode and the kneading mode. The acupuncture mode is used for stimulating the nerves within the legs and the kneading mode is used for massaging the foot gently with pressure.

This massager acts as a best relaxing agent by maintaining all the important functions of the body. It relieves pain from the body and refreshes tired, sore and ache feet. The weight of the device is varying less and so it can be used durable in various environment conditions and climatic situations.  Various Neuro problems can also be avoided with this device.

Reduces Neuro Problems

Various neuro problem associated with feet can be avoided easily with the help of this massager.

Key Features

  • Theaceae wood
  • Solid construction


  • Portable
  • Versatile


  • Hard to install.

Foot Massager – Relieves Foot Pain And Stress In Minutes – By Foot Log


The Foot Log foot massager is ad durable foot massager that is designed scientifically with advanced functions. The key function of this foot massager is, it improves circulation within the body and so the metabolism of the body is maintained constant. foot-massager-relieves-foot-pain-and-stress-in-minutes-by-foot-logThis is a dual foot roller and so it can be used easily for two foot at the same time.

The color of this foot roller is very attractive. This device is colored in the rainbow format. Spikes are used within the dual roller. These spikes are used as an acupuncture treatment for maintaining the functions of the body. Added to this, the massager can be used as a best relaxing agent for reducing the stress and pain from the legs.

This massager can be used regularly as a heath care device. Further, this massager also relieves stains within the foot and so it can be used during hurt or any defects within the device. This device is designed to compact, lightweight and portable.

Improves Metabolism

This massager is designed with spikes, these spikes increase the circulation of the blood.

Key Features

  • Multi-colored
  • Spikes


  • Easy to use and portable.


  • Week pressure roller.

Triggerpoint NANO Foot Roller Massager


The TriggerPoint NANO Foot Roller Massager is an innovative device that is designed for increasing the functions of the foot. This massager is small and compact, and so it is referred as NANO massager. This is a single foot massager and so only one foot can be used at a time. triggerpoint-nano-foot-roller-massagerThis device increases the stability and various attractive and additional functions and features of the device to a great extent.

The special feature of this massager is the foam base. The foam base ensures soft pain relief massaging to all the users. The operation is soft, and so stress and other defects of the feet can be relieved easily. The dense foam is used for channeling the blood circulation directly from the feet.

This device is also designed with the lightweight feature so that it can be taken and carried to various places as per as the need of the user. The ends of the roller are made up of plastic that is designed to withstand weight and stress.


This device is designed to compact and so it can be taken and carried anywhere with high performance.

Key Features

  • Filled with foam
  • Plastic body


  • Easy to carry


  • Hard to handle.

Automatic Foot Massagers

The automatic foot massagers are devices that operate automatically without any external force for operation. Most widely, these are electronic devices that operates with the help of the inbuilt program. Some of the top-rated automatic foot massagers are listed below.

Medimassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager


The MediMassager MMF06 11 foot massager is a powerful device that is designed with the high-speed operation for the users. This foot massager is effective and the speeds of the device can be varied according to the need of the user. medimassager-mmf06-11-speed-foot-massagerThe speed of the device can be varied with 11 variable modes, and so the comfort offered by the device is high.

This device is equipped with a high-quality full-size arched foot pad with an arched bar. The arch bar is used for improving various functions of the foot and it helps in relieving the foot pains to a great extent. In addition to this, it also has pressure pointing target surface. This surface is effective and it relieves the stress of the user.

This device also increases the circulation of blood and so various functions of the body can be maintained constant. This massager has a rugged construction for increased durability and advanced functions. It offers vibration massage and so the foot pain can be reduced completely with the device.

Increases Blood Flow

This massager increases the blood circulation; this regulates all the metabolism and functions of the body to a great extent.

Key Features

  • Rugged design
  • Foot pad


  • Offers vibrating massager
  • Relieves pain


  • Heavy weight.

3Q Mg-F18 Foot Massager


The 3Q MG-F18 Foot Massager is a multifunctional device that offers perfect massaging to both the legs and feet. This device is effective and it covers most types of the feet ailments and pain. 3q-mg-f18-shiatsu-kneading-foot-massagerThis device is effective and it operates in various modes of operation.

The air pressure used within the device is effective and it acts as the best stress relaxing formula to the feet. This air can be operated in three variable modes as per as the need of the user. This massager also has heat feature with it. This heat feature can be used for relieving the pain within the foot to a great extent.

This device has both automatic and manual working modes. Both these modes are effective and they operate with higher performance and convenience. Further, the massager is also equipped with auto-turn off feature. This feature will turn off the device after 15 minutes of massaging and so it saves the power.

Multifunctional Device

This massager is a multifunctional device designed with kneading and acupuncture functionality.

Key Features

  • Three adjustable air modes
  • Auto turn-off feature


  • Multi-functional
  • Complete stress relief


  • Durability is less.

Aw Kneading Rolling Foot Leg Massager Calf W/ Remote Control


The Aw Kneading Rolling Foot Leg Massager is an innovative massager designed with various advanced features and facilities. This massager acts as a best suitable tool to relieve foot pain completely without any effects and disadvantage.kneading-rolling-massager-personal-equipment

This device is designed in an innovative way with various advanced features and importance. The body of this device is made up of high-quality ABS plastic that can withstand various environment situations and conditions. This is a multi-functional device and so the performance offered by the device is high compared to various external means.

This device also has remote control operation with it. This operation offers higher comfort to the user because it controls all the functions of the device with higher advantage and performance. Further, this device can be operated in various modes of operation.

Remote Control Operation

This device has remote control technology with it and so the operation performed by the device can be controlled with the help of remote.

Key Features

  • ABS plastic
  • 4-operational modes


  • Durable
  • Speed control


  • Weight is high.