Spending too much time on your work can cause you pain and stress over the body, relaxing in your home after reaching from the office can be the best part but just taking rest will not help you to relieve completely from the tension and stress.

One of the efficient ways to overcome the pain and problems is the making use of a foot massager, this helps to alleviate any pain and challenges that are caused due to stress, long time sitting and other tension occurred. Apart from that, improving the blood circulation will let you get the lost energy back efficiently.

There are a lot of practitioners who are available to perform foot massage, but this would cost high, you can massage your foot yourself if you have problems going to professionals for the foot massage. Today in our article, let’s check out the types, how to use and benefits of the foot massagers in brief.

Types of Foot Massagers

Four most commonly used foot massagers preferred by most of the people’s includes

  • Electric Foot Massagers
  • Manual Foot Massagers
  • Spa Foot Massagers
  • Water Foot Massagers

How to Use these Foot Massagers?

Using the foot massagers is simple if you follow the guidelines perfectly, check out how to use a foot massager reliably in brief below.

Electric Foot Massagers

If you need a massager that needs to perform everything on its own, then electric foot massagers would be the right pick. These models come in two motions namely oscillating and electric models, this would be greater in the case of less mobility and if you have problems on touching your feet.

Few devices are built to be massage on both feet at the same time efficiently; you need to place your feet on the pads of the massager, the method works in an oscillating motion over your entire foot surface to relieve the pain and stress.

In cases of few other electric models, they are developed to massage the calves along with another foot area; this is almost vast and perfect for the people who have problems with ankle and foot issues.

Manual Foot Massagers

These massagers are the basic model ones which are preferred highly by the users as they are entirely developed with the various function for efficient use. This will resemble like a tube, place it down on the floor and place your feet on the massager and roll out from heels to your toes.

You can also start rubbing in one particular area of your feet multiple times, few models of the manual foot massagers have multiple rollers which are specially built to massage your entire foot at a particular aspect of time.

This type of rollers will resemble a frame along with the suspended roller; you can place your feet as usual and start moving back and forth while pressing.

Applying pressure depends on your level of pain, these massagers are portable so that you can take it with you wherever you go, they are designed to be compact so that you can store them easily.

Spa Foot Massagers

This is just the foot baths, this kind of massagers make use of jets of warm water so that you can relax the feet within the hot water and massage them gently for alleviating the pain and stress.

Few models indulge rollers so that you can place your feet on them roll back and forth by applying some pressure to get rid of the stress completely. You need to make use of the right amount of hot water while using the roller type spa massagers.

Water Foot Massagers

Soothing water always helps in re-energizing your tired feet and provide the relaxing and luxurious feel as a professional does. Ensure you pour the right amount of hot water up to the fill line so that the water will not fill out while you keep your feet in. You can also add sea bath salts after filling the water; this will help in preventing blockages.

Adjust the type and speed of foot massage you are going to perform and turn on the unit to enjoy the benefits you achieve due to it. After completion, dry the massaging unit and your feet.

Foot Massager Features

Once you have decided to choose the type of foot massager you need to know which features you need in them to enjoy the maximum benefits, make sure the following functions are present within your foot massager before making it yours.

Cushion Surface

The cushioned surface is the area where you keep your feet while performing massaging; this will provide a greater comfort and help you in stopping from slipping from the massager. These cushions are mostly made of malleable plastic pads injected with gel or soft foam for providing the support.

Control Options

While considering the basic models, you can find control options in the foot massagers body; you will need to bend down each time for adjusting the controls. In sophisticated models, there is remote control to change the settings so that it would be more convenient.

Multiple Speeds

There are foot massagers that come with various massager speeds so that you can customize based on your experience and expectations. Make sure the model you are getting is built with non-slip pads or posts on the foot massager bottom to prevent from falling or moving.

Water Jets

If you need to experience convenient usages, then you can get the massage with water jets, this help in alleviating the blood circulation and therefore your tight muscles and other parts also get relaxed. Understand the model specification before getting a massager with a water jet.


This feature will help in relieving from any foot pain and aches from your body; there is a heater with improved therapeutic benefits in some model of foot massagers. Few models come with heaters based on the bath options.

Benefits of Foot Massager

There are a lot of advantages in using a foot massager for your feet, here are some of them below.

  • Stress relief and relaxation
  • Increases Blood Circulation
  • Better Sleep
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Deep relief from migraines and headaches
  • Faster recovery from post operations.
  • Natural Pain relief
  • Anxiety feeling get decreased
  • PMS symptom relief
  • Relieve symptom of sinus, Diabetes, cancer, etc

Final Thoughts

Hope the above simple guide on foot massagers helped you to know about the massager in detail.

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