Best Head Massage Machines

The flow of blood is important for well-functioning of the brain, when you engage in serious work then you will feel severe exhaustion or a headache due to the improper blood circulation and it is necessary to give soothing relief exercise to your head.

The head massage is the great remedy to get rid of negative symptoms of overworking and it is one of the fabulous alternatives for costly professional massage sessions. The tension in upper back, neck and head leads to back pain but the head massage enhances the free circulation of cerebral fluid and as the result, it reduces a headache causing blockage.

Why Head Massage?

If you expose your head to regular head massage then you will get the following benefits:

  • Helps in preventing headaches and back pain
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Relieves sleeplessness, insomnia and restlessness
  • Relives anxiety and depression
  • Boost memory capabilities

Top 10 Best Head Massage Machine

After the hard day’s work, it is necessary to relieve your stress and there are different types of head massagers are available in the market, it is important to select an ideal one that will provide the complete relief from a headache and this review offers you 10 head massager models so that you can make your pick easily.

1) IDream3 and Head massager from Breo

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This stunning head massager offers a great head massage and you can customize the program according to your needs with six massage techniques which include air pressure, vibration, magnetic field, point, heat compression and music.

You can operate this device easily with the help of the wireless controller and you don’t need to take the head massager off your head to adjust the program, this model has great appearances that are very attractive to the eyes and this system comes with travel case.

Some products are painful to wear but this is not the case with the head massager from Breo and you can wear this for the entire duration of the head massage without any stress, with the help of music settings the user can able to download the own music in the form of MP3 files.

Moreover, it is simple in both operation and design due to the presence of the various accessories like LCD display, power charger, earphone and wireless controller. This product is very popular in the market due to its durability and portability and it performs dual functions head massage and eye massage.

This system is light weight and it is very quiet when compared to many other products which produce a lot of noise and another interesting feature about this product is that you can recharge and reuse whenever you want.

This device is compact and with this smart tool you can relax your head as well as eye region, the major principle of this tool is creating high impact on releasing blockage, reducing stress and anxiety.

2) Head and Eye Massager with Tension Relief Acupressure from Pure Therapy

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This product provides most luxurious head massage experience with a great number of amazing features, if you are seeking for a top product for both relaxing and improving the health then this head and eye massager from Pure Therapy is the best option for you. The beautiful design of this product attracts most of the users and it fits for different head sizes.

It provides comfort for the long period of time and allows the users to experience all the great moments of the device without any discomfort, it is simple to use and operate. This head massager from Pure Therapy includes integrated remote control, earphones, power adapter, eye and the head massager.

This product provides relaxing air pressure massage with the help of the double layered airbags and kneads your head in an effective way, it has long- lasting battery which makes the machine to work continuously for more than 3 hours with the help of 4 AA batteries and it is very convenient to carry when you travel.

In addition to this, it offers a stream of music while massaging and you have the chance to enjoy the great number of sound options like beach wave, flowing water and piano melody. You can fully customize your massage with the help of 4 different vibration modes for stimulating your head muscles and if you want to use the heat compression feature to make the massage more effective.

You can easily adjust this device to fix perfectly on the head and gives ultimate comfort, with this massager you can reduce the regular or unnecessary visits to your health expert for relieving your stress.

3) Head-Spa Scalp Aethetic Massager from Panasonic

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Instead of spending much time and money on spa centers use this product to relax your head and eye region at home, because of the fabulous features this product becomes one of the best-selling head massager and suitable for all types of customers. This is the perfect product for removing chronic headache, the plus point of this product is portability and this model fits in your hands well.

This product is very simple to operate and available in 2 speed options like high and low, you can easily choose the specific program for your head based on your specific requirements, it consists of rubber part to do the task well for both soft massage and deep tissue. The lithium ion battery charges quickly and thus allows you to use this product continuously for many hours.

Massaging the scalp while applying the shampoo is the great habit, it helps in eliminating headaches, stress, dandruff and avoids greasy hair after every wash. This massager is fully waterproof and you can massage your scalp while applying shampoo, best for both long and short hair.

This product is light weight and you can hold it easily, the rotating tip gently agitates the scalp and leaving your head feeling relaxed, change the speed of the massage according to your need and a simple touch operation on the top of the machine allows you to easily turn on and off the massager.

4) Wireless Waterproof Scalp Massager from Pure Therapy

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This deep tissue massager provides head massage for relieving headache, stress and pain in other parts of the body, it is very convenient to bring this tool along with you wherever you go. This product is light weight and the hand held shape is suitable for all the users.

This product is cordless and waterproof, allow you to use even taking a shower and there is no complication step, just in one touch you can easily choose your suitable program in an efficient way. The average weight of the product is 9.6 ounces and it includes various components like scalp massager, charging dock and power adapter.

One of the best features of this product is deep tissue massage with the perfect combination of 3 modes of settings and fully adjustable speeds, the benefit of using this wireless scalp massager from Pure Therapy is that it offers lifetime customer support and one year warranty.

The three things that makes this product different from other types of massager: pressure adjustment, speed and deep tissue kneading. This luxurious model targets the acupressure points on both sides of the head to deliver the soothing effect and provides deep massage.

You can adjust the intensity in eight levels which are useful to relieve stress, headache, tiredness and it also improves your memory. We recommend this product because most of the user feels happy about this invention.

5) Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush from Vintagoods

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This is one of the amazing handheld massagers, although it is designed for providing head massage you can also use this product for all the parts of the body, when you want to shampoo your head you can use this excellent massager for effective kneading, it will perfectly suits for both adults and kids.

This device is made up of soft rubber tips and this is useful for removing dead cells from the scalp. Moreover, it eliminates the dandruff problem and prevents your hair from getting greasy after the hair wash, when you operate this machine it will produce vibrations for stimulating the blood flow, relieve your stress and relax your brain.

This massager works in a single mode which provides optimal pressure level, this one is totally waterproof product and you can use it in a shower to get a maximum benefit. It works with one AA battery and thus you won’t need to keep any charging units at hand, use this product you will surely enjoy a perfect head massage and to rejuvenate your head skin cells.

The procedure for using this product is very simple just distribute the small amount of your favorite shampoo to your scalp and slowly moves the massager over the root of the hair, rinse the massager when you finish and allow it to dry.

The scalp massager from Vintagoods fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, when to want to use the product place the handle in between your index and middle finger for a grip and better control.

6) Double Head Electric Massager from iHausPlus

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This massager has unique and gorgeous features for health treatments. Furthermore, this product is compact, lightweight and provides maximum comfort to the users, the best part of this device is that it is cordless and waterproof, best for use while taking a shower.

This double head design with the advanced percussion action technology enhances deep tissue penetration for a relaxing massage and this product is perfect for soothing the feet, neck, head and back. The 2 pivot attachments easily allows you to choose a gentle or firm massage depending up on your needs, the sleek and the ergonomic design make us easy to handle the device.

The vibrating electric massager heads effectively targets the specific area and provide kneading to avoid back pain, with this portable massager you can get the massage every day. If you are seeking for a great gift for over workers, runners or athletes then buy this double headed electric massager from iHausPlus.

7) Waterproof Electric Scalp Massager from Fine Dragon

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This new model portable smart cordless power electric massager is useful to reduce the body pain and it also increases the blood flow throughout the body, it consists of strong powerful torque and the brush heads are interchangeable. It is one of the very high technology and practical head massager with extraordinary features.

This product is highly waterproof and the ergonomic design makes you to handle this product easily and you can use this product especially for hair washing, head cleaning, massaging and nursing. You will get a set of 3 piece interchangeable durable brushes and the combination of different massage brush helps to refresh your head.

This item comes with rechargeable 700 mAh battery and you can charge with phone charger or computer USB cable, it is convenient to use and charge. When you buy this product you will get one year free warranty and in addition to this you will get 24 hours email service.

This magic item is designed with high technologies and provides the variety of massage effect through the vibration and beating, which is suitable for all kinds of people. The average weight of the product is 1.2 pounds and it includes electric hair washing brush, three interchangeable brushes and charger kit.

8) Scalp and Body massager from Breo

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This one of the best handheld massager available in the market, you don’t need to do any work just hold it in your hands during the massage session and you will never feel uncomfortable because this device is light weight and compact.

You can use this product both for head and body massage, perfect for kneading your neck, shoulders, arms, back and legs. The handle of the massager is bit shorter but this device will surely deliver you some relaxation at the end your long busy day.

The tip of the rubber massager contains 7 fingers like nodes and the vibration enhances the blood circulation, you can choose the necessary massage modes according to your needs like slow forward rotation, fast forward rotation and fast reverse rotation. The slow forward rotation is excellent for delicate body parts and sensitive scalp skin. If you use this product then you don’t need to spend money on spa massage sessions and you can undergo them at your home itself.

This model works on lithium ion battery and it also available with the charging base therefore, you can put the massager to charge the battery. When you use this product try to use some shampoo for the healthy hair, with this device enjoy the head and body massage wherever and whenever you want.

9) Vibrating Scalp Handheld Massager Hair brush from Strand Maximizer

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The scalp massager with specially coated bristles can easily melt your daily stress and fatigue. This bristle improves your blood circulation, stimulates the hair growth and makes your hair more attractive and thicker. You can also use this product for your shoulder, back or neck pain just kneads them with the pressure points located on the reverse side of the device.

You can adjust the intensity in 2 modes, one for delicate skin and intense mode will boost your skin within a short period of time. The scalp massaging will leads to better absorption of beauty products through the head skin and this electric massager is powered by two AA batteries and you have to install them in the special port in the handle.

You can also use this massager as an ordinary brush to keep your hair healthy and tangle free, when you use this product it will generate vibrations in order to enhance the head skin cells for boosting the hair growth.

10) Octopus Scalp Massager from Body Back Company

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If you lead an active life then you are familiar with fatigue, stress and headache, if you want to overcome this problem then just purchase a scalp massager from Body Back and this product will definitely impress you with its performance.

This head massager is reliable and has a long life span. This product consists of 12 massage rods ending with smooth soft points which provides high effective acupuncture massage and the procedure for using this product is very simple just places the tingle head massager to the crown of your head and massage with downward movements.

This product does not require any kind of batteries and this waterproof model is excellent for shampooing your hair. It is very compact and you can fold the rods for easy transportation, though it requires some physical effort to operate the massager you will surely enjoy the relaxation.

Using this product you can get complete relaxation within few seconds and this simple tool is worth for every penny you paid for it.

Bottom Line

Hope this 10 Best head massager reviews offer you the chance to choose a device that will relax, soothe and rejuvenate the head skin cells. Try any of the above products and share us your experience.

Having any ideas, suggestions and queries? Please feel free to ping us through the comment section given below.

Best Back Massager 2017

For many reasons, we use back massagers and they come in a variety of forms to fulfill our requirements. Whether you simply want to relieve your back itch problems or you want to relieve your back, shoulder, and neck pain, back massagers are the best option since it uses various methods to soothe your muscle pain.

Why you need massage for back pain problems?

Muscle strain is the common reason for back pain problems and it occurs due to many reasons such as heavy lifting, overexertion, frequent sitting, and so forth. Even though back pain problems are the common one nowadays, an untreated back pain may lead to expensive back pain treatments or surgeries.

So many professionals and doctors think taking a massage is the best way to alleviate your back pain problems and it also gives lots of benefits. A regular massage can attenuate your spinal problems, and muscle tension especially for sports persons who suffer from frequent injuries and muscle strains.

Frequent massage can assuage various spinal problems including osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and herniated discs and it also gives various valuable benefits for tight knotted muscles, soreness, and other aching problems.

Why buy a back massager?

Are you one of those persons who use painkillers for body or back pain? Pain killers just give short-term relief for your muscle pain while a beautiful massage eases your pain and make you feel relaxed but doing this in a spa is pretty expensive that’s why you need the best back massager.

Life is stressful and you don’t have time to make an appointment with a therapist or doctor so you need back massagers to calm your stiff muscles and allay your back pain. These portable back massagers are very durable and you can use it anywhere by simply turn on your massager.

It is made up of heavy duty plastic and is provided with different sized knobs for massaging back and body. With its versatile designs, you can easily reach your back and you can do your own massage without making an appointment to the therapist or hiring a masseuse.

Considerations when buying a back massager

You can find many products in the market but only the great massaging tools give best back pain relief. Consider the following important factors before you buying the back massager for you.


Every massager has a distinctive method to soothe your pain and eliminate your discomfort. For instance, vibrators slacken your tight muscles by an acute buzzing action while shiatsu uses pressure based techniques to shape your muscles and relieve your pain. Some models possess both techniques to bring best results.

Size and weight

Size and weight of the massager vary depends on individuals’ needs. If you need to take the massager with you when you travel, then you may take portable one for you. For easy transport, there are many lighter models available and some can easily fit into your backpack too.

Multiple modes

If you are a sports person, then you may experience the variety of aches and pains in your daily work outs. So massager with the ability to switch to various modes will definitely give more comfort and eliminates the need of buying multiple massagers for various purposes.

Top 10 Best back massager reviews 2017

Check out our top 10 best back massager collections to buy the best quality massager.

Zyllion ZMA-13-BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat

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Zyllion Shiatsu pillow massager is the best massager for those who have no time for back massage. People with a busy schedule can buy this pillow massager and enjoy your massage anytime anywhere you want. This Shiatsu pillow massager is ergonomically designed to relieve your all types muscle pain on the back, abdomen, neck, and so on.

This portable massager is only 2.4 inches thin and weighs less than 4 pounds so it is perfect for long travels and you can use it for your different body parts. Though it is very compact, it can support any weight and it gives quality massage even in the reverse and rotating directions.

It is designed with four massage nodes along with heat function that assists good blood circulation and the massaging nodes force hard on your body to give deep rubbing massage. It is very easy to operate the zyllion massage pillow all you need to do is find a convenient place to strap the pillow for perfect fitting and it gives quality massage for several parts of your body.

It is enveloped with various safety features such as adjustable straps for maximizing the security of the user and it’s overheating protection device automatically shuts itself down after 20 minutes which avoids the overheating.

Thera Cane MAX Deep Pressure Massager

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Thera cane max deep pressure massager is specially designed to unfasten all your painful knots in your muscle and it relieves all your muscle pains to give you better functioning muscle. With this deep pressure massager, it eliminates the need of hiring professional for massaging or going to spas.

It gives a lot of pressure to detach knots in your muscles and it relieves muscle pains and aches by sending the oxygenated blood through your spine system. Whether you are an athlete or you sit in front of your computer all day, this massager will give you a beautiful massage to make your day better.

It is made up of durable high quality plastic and the knob has seven balls which are suitable for full body massage so hereafter you can have your less expensive and pretty effective full body massage at your house. This massager model is very compact so you can take this massager with you while you travel and have your massage whenever you want.

As it is made up of plastic, it is light weighted and it comes in blue and hunter green colors. It has higher ranking stable arm control which is quite handy to operate and it annihilates the scar tissue adhesions and provides pain free muscles.

Buddy Self Massage Tool from Body Back Company

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Body back buddy self massage tool is the best massager out there and it is strongly recommended by the massage therapists, physical therapists, and chiropractors for removing pain from the neck, abdomen, back, shoulder, and jaw.

Many professionals use this massager with their clients and patients for removing muscle pain since it is very easy and effective to use. This self massage tool is very productive and it easily reaches the hard reaching areas of your back. Body back massager is established with 11 massage knobs which give perfect full body massage and these knobs treat different body parts.

The important feature of this product is it finds trigger points of your body and put a lot of pressure on that area to give best results. It has unique construction design to remove stress from your muscles and the important thing is it doesn’t need any batteries or power to work.

It has curved ends which effectively loosen your tight muscles and relieves your pressure point pain. This massager only weighs 1.5 pounds so you can manually use this massager and its handles gently rub your body with the center area and it releases stress from any part of your body.

Brookestone Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Heat

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Shiatsu neck and back massager is provided with wonderful rotating heads for giving relief to stress in your muscles and slack your tight muscles. It uses Japanese massaging approach to relieve sore muscles and pressure points in your body and it easily reaches your back and the in between areas of the shoulder.

Rotating heads move in circular motion and it reaches the knotted muscles to relieve them and it can automatically reverse itself when it moves in a single direction. Some massagers are provided with vibrators and heating elements for eliminating pain in your muscles and enlarging your muscle flexibility.

It weighs less than 4 pounds and it comes with 240 volts adapter which is usable in other countries too. Since it is very light weight, you can easily lift this up and down to massage your whole body and it gives more relaxation even on your hard days. Buying this massager eliminates the need of going to the healthcare clinics or luxury spas.

It has 8 deep massaging nodes to soothe your muscles and its selectable heat option gives much more comfort for your aching muscles and you can choose the amount of heat you like. This product also comes with user manual and it has 1 year limited warranty.

Nayoya Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

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Nayoya acupressure mat and pillow set can give you complete body massage and it gives instant relief from back pain and pressure point pain. The mat is provided with 6210 acupressure points and the pillow has 1782 acupressure points to relieve all your muscle pains and loosen your tight muscles.

The main advantage of having this massager set is it is very lightweight so you can carry this massager set with you everywhere you go along with its carrying case. For your convenience mat and the pillow are separately provided and you can use them together or separately depend on your needs.

The mat gives numerous benefits such as improving blood circulation and digestion, eliminating the muscle pain and soreness, and chronic pain also can be relieved by this mat massager. Simply standing on the mat with your barefoot can reduce your headache pain and migraines. Do not use this mat for yoga or all night sleep since it has too many spikes.

Maintaining this cotton mat is very easy and it is hand washable. You can use dish detergent powder with warm water to wash this mat but you have to remove the non latex foam padding before you wash after it is dried you can put it back.

Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager

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Jeanie rub variable speed massager gives remarkable benefits to its user and it is recommended for the people who are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, back issues, and more muscle related problems. Since it gives best results to numerous patients, many medical professionals and chiropractors use this massager.

As its name implies it is provided with variable speed and it rotates at 600 to 4600 RPMs which gives relaxation for both mind and body. When the head rotates on your body it gives soothing massage experience and it brings the blood to the skin so it gives many therapeutic effects to the users.

This massager is made up of light weight aluminum which is completely heat resistant and it is powder coated for giving a perfect finish. Since it is made up of aluminum, it withstands all kinds of scratches and scrapes and it meets all safety requirements of ANSI standards.

It is provided with the speed adjusting knob so you can set the speed which you want. Lower speeds loosen your tight muscles while higher speeds re-energizing your muscles but both speeds make you feel very comfortable. This massager comes in 3 different sizes along with 1 year limited warranty.

Belmint Home Sleek Home 10 Motor Massage Plush Massage Mat

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Belmint sleek home massage mat is provided with 10 amazing stimulating and re-energizing zones and it gives perfect vibration to keep your pain and stress away. This mat comes in black and beige colors and it isn’t provided with any rollers so it only vibrates your whole body.

This mat is very flexible so you can take it with you anywhere and you can put it on anywhere such as sofa, chair, recliner, and do your massage. This mat has 3 distinctive intensity levels and 5 preprogrammed styles so it comfortably massages all your body parts.

It is suitable for most of your body parts such as your neck, abdomen, lower back, and legs. Though it has heat option, you can only use it for your lumbar area and it will heat up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit for 7 to 8 minutes. Since it is provided with a soft interior, it will give maximum comfort while it vibrates your tight muscles.

Magic Back Support Lumbar Back Stretcher Device

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This method is used by many professionals and massage therapists since it provides best trigger point massage to their clients. This back support lumbar uses thumb pressure to relieve soreness and tight muscle.

It features 10 thumb tip shaped nodes and they are provided at the both sides of the spine cradle which give stimulation and soothe your tired muscle within two minutes.

For best results, you should use this back stretcher 2 times a day and it relieves all your trigger points. It is designed with arch supporting device and bonus accessories which stimulate your spine and it relieves chronic back pain.

Since it gives perfect back stretching, lumbar support, and spinal alignment, you can bring your original spine curve at your home without wasting your money on luxury spas and it provides more flexibility.

This stretcher comes with the strap for security and it will relieve all your pain in no time so once you are done with your muscle relief you can set higher level stretching if you want more stretching to make yourself more comfortable.

Comfort Products Relaxzen 10 Motor Massage Cushion

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Comfort has been producing best quality products for 100 years and relaxzen massage cushion is its revolutionary product which provides complete comfort for its consumers and it also produces heat while massaging.

This massage cushion is made up of black or lavender faux suede polyester material and it is also provided with heat option which gives better vibration and great massage for everyone who needs the best massage to make their hard day wonderful.

It features 10 massage motors and they perform on different areas like upper lower, mid back, thigh areas and independent areas as well. It also possesses various unique features like deluxe LCD controller, built in memory foam, neck pillow, and lumbar pads.

Besides, it is provided with intensity adjustable function which gives desired intensity to enjoy great massage and it has automatic shutoff preprogrammed function so it automatically shuts itself after 30 minutes. This product comes with 1 year limited warranty.

Five Star Five S 10 Motor Massage Seat Cushion

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Five star massage seat cushion is established with 10 vibrator motor and this vibration massager uses vibration for massaging different parts of your body and it doesn’t have any rolling balls or kneading.

It also comes with heat but the heat is only applicable in the lumbar area and it provides relaxation for your lower back too. This massage seat cushion is manufactured in black color and it has straps for fitting it with car seat or chair.

This massager is specialized for 4 different zones of your body such as shoulder, upper and lower back, lumbar, and finally thighs. It also gives 3 different massage speeds and heat on/off options for your convenience and needs.

Its automatic shut down system shuts itself after 30 minutes so it ensures the safety. As it is portable, you can take it anywhere and use it. It is very quiet so even you can have a quick nap on it and wake refreshed. For customer benefits, it is provided with 3 year warranty.

The Bottom Line

Hope our tips would give you some ideas for shopping back massagers. You can try any one of the above massagers for your back pain and share your experience with us. Have you ever used any one of these products before?

Having any ideas, suggestions, queries please feel free to comment us through the comment section below.

How to use a Foot Massager to Procure Maximum Benefits

Spending too much time on your work can cause you pain and stress over the body, relaxing in your home after reaching from the office can be the best part but just taking rest will not help you to relieve completely from the tension and stress.

One of the efficient ways to overcome the pain and problems is the making use of a foot massager, this helps to alleviate any pain and challenges that are caused due to stress, long time sitting and other tension occurred. Apart from that, improving the blood circulation will let you get the lost energy back efficiently.

There are a lot of practitioners who are available to perform foot massage, but this would cost high, you can massage your foot yourself if you have problems going to professionals for the foot massage. Today in our article, let’s check out the types, how to use and benefits of the foot massagers in brief.

Types of Foot Massagers

Four most commonly used foot massagers preferred by most of the people’s includes

  • Electric Foot Massagers
  • Manual Foot Massagers
  • Spa Foot Massagers
  • Water Foot Massagers

How to Use these Foot Massagers?

Using the foot massagers is simple if you follow the guidelines perfectly, check out how to use a foot massager reliably in brief below.

Electric Foot Massagers

If you need a massager that needs to perform everything on its own, then electric foot massagers would be the right pick. These models come in two motions namely oscillating and electric models, this would be greater in the case of less mobility and if you have problems on touching your feet.

Few devices are built to be massage on both feet at the same time efficiently; you need to place your feet on the pads of the massager, the method works in an oscillating motion over your entire foot surface to relieve the pain and stress.

In cases of few other electric models, they are developed to massage the calves along with another foot area; this is almost vast and perfect for the people who have problems with ankle and foot issues.

Manual Foot Massagers

These massagers are the basic model ones which are preferred highly by the users as they are entirely developed with the various function for efficient use. This will resemble like a tube, place it down on the floor and place your feet on the massager and roll out from heels to your toes.

You can also start rubbing in one particular area of your feet multiple times, few models of the manual foot massagers have multiple rollers which are specially built to massage your entire foot at a particular aspect of time.

This type of rollers will resemble a frame along with the suspended roller; you can place your feet as usual and start moving back and forth while pressing.

Applying pressure depends on your level of pain, these massagers are portable so that you can take it with you wherever you go, they are designed to be compact so that you can store them easily.

Spa Foot Massagers

This is just the foot baths, this kind of massagers make use of jets of warm water so that you can relax the feet within the hot water and massage them gently for alleviating the pain and stress.

Few models indulge rollers so that you can place your feet on them roll back and forth by applying some pressure to get rid of the stress completely. You need to make use of the right amount of hot water while using the roller type spa massagers.

Water Foot Massagers

Soothing water always helps in re-energizing your tired feet and provide the relaxing and luxurious feel as a professional does. Ensure you pour the right amount of hot water up to the fill line so that the water will not fill out while you keep your feet in. You can also add sea bath salts after filling the water; this will help in preventing blockages.

Adjust the type and speed of foot massage you are going to perform and turn on the unit to enjoy the benefits you achieve due to it. After completion, dry the massaging unit and your feet.

Foot Massager Features

Once you have decided to choose the type of foot massager you need to know which features you need in them to enjoy the maximum benefits, make sure the following functions are present within your foot massager before making it yours.

Cushion Surface

The cushioned surface is the area where you keep your feet while performing massaging; this will provide a greater comfort and help you in stopping from slipping from the massager. These cushions are mostly made of malleable plastic pads injected with gel or soft foam for providing the support.

Control Options

While considering the basic models, you can find control options in the foot massagers body; you will need to bend down each time for adjusting the controls. In sophisticated models, there is remote control to change the settings so that it would be more convenient.

Multiple Speeds

There are foot massagers that come with various massager speeds so that you can customize based on your experience and expectations. Make sure the model you are getting is built with non-slip pads or posts on the foot massager bottom to prevent from falling or moving.

Water Jets

If you need to experience convenient usages, then you can get the massage with water jets, this help in alleviating the blood circulation and therefore your tight muscles and other parts also get relaxed. Understand the model specification before getting a massager with a water jet.


This feature will help in relieving from any foot pain and aches from your body; there is a heater with improved therapeutic benefits in some model of foot massagers. Few models come with heaters based on the bath options.

Benefits of Foot Massager

There are a lot of advantages in using a foot massager for your feet, here are some of them below.

  • Stress relief and relaxation
  • Increases Blood Circulation
  • Better Sleep
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Deep relief from migraines and headaches
  • Faster recovery from post operations.
  • Natural Pain relief
  • Anxiety feeling get decreased
  • PMS symptom relief
  • Relieve symptom of sinus, Diabetes, cancer, etc

Final Thoughts

Hope the above simple guide on foot massagers helped you to know about the massager in detail.

Any queries on foot massagers? Feel free to ask us through the comment section below.

Any ideas, suggestions, thoughts, and tips on foot massagers? Please share with us.

5 Foot Reflexology Techniques, Benefits and Side Effects

Too much of stress in life can be frustrating, and there are high chances for pain and other problems in various parts of the body. Performing or adapting over the reflexology technique can help you to relive out from the pain slowly and thoroughly.

Interested to know more regarding Reflexology, the working mechanism, benefits. Drawbacks, and other details on it?

Our article will let you know or provide a clear cut answer to all your question about Reflexology in detail below.

What is Foot Reflexology?

Foot Reflexology ultimately deals with your foot as per the name, the process of applying or adding some pressure on your feet’s plantar aspect and the dorsal aspect or to the various zones are termed as Reflexology.

Most of the persons who are over stressed or undergoing physical ailments treatments prefer to choose this reflexology technique.

There are records and certifications from practitioners that,  following these techniques helps in relieving stress, tension, enhancing lymph and blood circulation, soothes inflammation, improves chronic ailments, promote healing and much more within a short period.

Applying this technique activates the therapeutic effects on various parts of the body, it is also used for getting a quick relief from cold or for the internal organ treatments.

Few Reflexology Techniques

Choose any of the professional in your place so that you will be assured of the safer and perfect foot treatment while performing zone therapy or targeted massages. If you think adopting an expert is costly, then you can complete them by yourself. Here are few foot reflexology techniques you can perform on your own and have an inspiring and stress-free life.

Slide and Press Technique

It is a useful technique which helps in relieving you out from any stress problems and other pains in your body. Here are the steps you need to do for taking this method.

Make sure you are placing both of your thumbs on the heel and now slide each of the thumbs to the edge of your foot from the center of the sole. You need to repeat the same with left and right as you move the foot towards the toes.

Thumb Technique

Reflexology ultimately makes use of the thumbs to perform the massage or actions, bend and unbend your joints of your thumb while you walk forward and this is the first joint of your thumb. While completing the zone therapy, your medial or inside edge will have contact with the foot for the optimal performance.

Now the joint will be in the intermediate position, and it should not be bent overly broad and ensure whether your thumb is in the right angle position for the smoothness of technique and for achieving the greater accuracy.

If your joint bends too low then there are high chances for the strains and also pains at various parts, so try it once you are confident to apply the pressure.

Index Finger Walking

This technique works well with the side and top of the foot, in this process, you need to again make contact with the media or inside edge of the finger, make sure you are bending your first joint to creep or walk forward. Now the thumb will push the metatarsal head by leveraging from foot’s other side for the making your work easier at the top of your feet.

You need to stop practicing the movements once you are sure about executing the process smoothly, you can make use of your left index finger to walk over the sharp reflex and then you need to come back in the opposite direction.

You need to use your index finger correctly so that your joint will not be bent too much, the wrong performing of the technique will lead to risks so make sure you are ready to perform the routine by yourself.

Hook & Backup

You need to hold your foot well and now with your working hand start performing the technique on a reflex area; the next step is to back up sharply by hooking the thumb into a side. This will work perfectly only for smaller reflexes or work on any hard surfaces like the heel.

You need to push your thumb to the reflex like a bee placing the sting, and this particular technique requires a lot of precision so that you can get excellent and also the leverage of the fingers are considered to be crucial in this type of technology.

Rotation On

This type of technique is just similar to thumb walking technique; you need to press to one point of your foot with your thumb, the only difference in this method is that you are going to rotate the thumb along the area you are applying the pressure.

In other words, you are going to perform this on the diaphragm reflex in which you rotate and meet the desired point on foot. While you press the particular point on foot and rotate your feet, you will be able to wave backward, so the foot will come towards you.

You can move towards the foot’s medical aspects just by waving in or rotating by applying pressure on the particular area for the effectiveness.  

Benefits of Reflexology Techniques

There are a lot of advantage you can gain while making use of this reflexology technique for your feet, here are some of them below.

  • Promises Better Sleep
  • Help in fighting depression
  • Enhances Blood Circulation
  • Provides greater relaxation
  • Pain reduction
  • Helps in recovering from post operations
  • High chances for getting away from stress and building a robust mental health.
  • Less labor pain during pregnancy
  • Relieve you from any pain and aches
  • Reduces Potential Blockages
  • A great benefit of persons who are a victim of Asthma, gastrointestinal disorders, skin problems, menstrual problems, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, prostate problems and the ones who have ear, eye, sinus and throat problems.

Side effects of Reflexology Techniques

Though there are a lot of pro of the reflexology technique, there are few chances for some side effects namely

  • Feeling sleepy and tired for an extended period
  • Change in Body temperatures
  • Flu problems
  • Headaches
  • Frequent bowel movements and urination
  • Nausea
  • Sinus congestion
  • Strange and different sensation in your foot.
  • Frequent changes in emotional reactions.
  • Feeling thirsty often
  • Chances for skin rashes

How to Suppress the side effects?

Here are few ideas through which you can neglect this side effects from occurring.

  • Drink plenty of water and keep your body hydrated so that maximum side effects can be avoided.
  • Do not take caffeine
  • Reduce high sugar or high-calorie foods
  • Prefer walking for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Walk bare feet
  • Breath well
  • You can make use of any sea salts to soak your feet in hot water so that you can try avoiding the side effects as sea salts are one of the perfect medical supporters.
  • Meditate, listen to soft music, etc. for keeping your mind and body relaxed.

Bottom Line

Hope you have a clear cut idea on the topic reflexology from the above guide on it.

Having any queries regarding the reflexology techniques? Feel free to ask us through the comment section below.

Any ideas, suggestions, tips, and points to be added extra can also be shared below.  

Top 10 Best Anti-Fatigue Mats of 2017 Review

Standing for a long duration on the floor will be harder and will result you in foot and joint pain. Using the comfortable anti-fatigue mats can reduce the stress and the pressure on your feet and will help you to avoid any type of pain even if you are standing for a long time continously. 

How does Anti-fatigue Mats work?

As Anti-fatigue mats comes with a squishy layer, which  provide a support to your foot so that you are able to stand continously for a long time without any pain and pressure. 

Types of anti-fatigue Mats

The different types of materials are used in the anti-fatigue mats to deliver the different level of comfort. Anti-fatigue mats are available in 4 types based on the material used. I.e. Foam anti- Fatigue, rubber anti-fatigue, Gel anti-fatigue and hard rubber anti-fatigue.

Foam anti- Fatigue

Foam anti-fatigue mats are the best choice for home and kitchen uses as they are affordable and one of the widely used mats by most of the customers. This mat comes in a less ergonomic design and offers an average level of comfort.

Rubber anti-fatigue

Rubber anti-fatigue mats are made with rubber coated design for maximum comfort. These mats are the best option for workshop. These mats have high-density foam padded that provides the maximum grips when you are stading on the floor. 

Gel anti-fatigue

These mats are made up of gel with the hard exterior material,which makes the mats more resistant. The mats can be used in office and house and not suitable for hard surface floors. Gel Anti-fatigue mats are expensive when compared to other mats. 

Hard rubber anti-fatigue

From the name ,you can know the working mechanism behind the mat, they are made of hard rubber and used mostly for industrial purpose. These mats are easy to clean and provides the ergonomic working environment for everyone. 

Reason to choose anti-fatigue mat

You will need this anti-fatigue mat if you are working in a place, where you need to stand for a long period of time as there are high chances that you will feel the pain in your legs, knees and necks due to standing position, flooring and footwear. 

You should change your position frequently while working for a long duration so that you can avoid the pain. The workstation should be adapted with the footrest, so that you can change the position of your legs to be relaxed.

The footwear that you wear is another important factor to be considered. Your footwear material should apt to the working surrounding to provide the comfort wearing experience. 

How to choose an anti-fatigue mat?

Choosing the best anti-fatigue mat is not so difficult, its simple if you do a little research about them. Its important to consider some features before you grab a anti-fatigue mat for you. You can find a vast collection of the product in the market now, choosing the perfect one for your need is important for the reliability, efficiency and durability of the product. 

For your reference, i have listed out some of the important attributes that you should note before getting the right type of anti-fatigue mat for you. 


Know the purpose and the need before you get one of the best anti-fatigue mats from the market or online. 


Know your work surroundings before you choose the material in the anti-fatigue mats. Get the one that matches your working floor type. 


The durability of the product is calculated by the comfort provided by the anti-fatigue mat ,while standing on the floor along with the good working experience. 

Best Anti-Fatigue Mat

Proceed below to check out the top 10 best Anti-Fatigue from the popular manufacturer brands. 

Inexpensive Anti-fatigue Mat

cheapest spinning reel

Best Anti-fatigue Mat

Mid Range Anti-fatigue Mat

Top 10 Best Anti-fatigue Mats Chosen by MassagerLand.Com

Diamond Shape Anti-Fatigue Interlocking Floor Mat by Performance Tool

10Interlocking Floor Mat is one of the unique anti-fatigue mat when compared with other mats.The material used in this mat is rubber, and are available with an interlocking option , which helps you to lock more than two mats to form a wide size of flooring surface.

It comes with the removable edges , so that you can remove it when you need to connect with two more mats. After connecting it the edges will be joined to make the perfect edges and sides. Diamond-Shape-Anti-Fatigue-mat

It comes with 3/8″ thick padded hard rubber material that gives the sturdy look. They are resisitant to water and also light in weight, easy to clean. This is the best option for hard surfaces such as workshop or other industrial area.


  • Interlocking option provides the maximum coverage of the floor.
  • The hard rubber material cannot be broken easily.

Interlocking Option And Hard Rubber

Interlocking option allows you to maximize the floor surface with Mats. High quality hard rubber keeps you away from the accidental slips.

Key Features

  • 6 interlocking mat
  • Extended floor coverage 


  • Durable
  • Water resistant 


  • Slippery. 

Stanley Utility Mat

9Stanley mat is industrially proven to provide the maximum comfort and smooth standing in the market, this helps to relieve you  from any type of pain in your foot, knees, leg etc.  The mat surface is textured with a diamond plate that provides the traction and does not produce any pressure while standing in the same position on the mat for a long time.Stanley-Utility-Mat

The bottom of the mat comes with the Anti-skid that prevents you from the accidental slipping on the floor. It is easy to clean and maintain. This simple design allows you to move around the floor easily. It is the best option for the industrial hard surface.


  • The anti-skid property and flat surface keeps you away from the tripping.
  • Easy to clean.

Fluid Resistant

Oil and water resistant property allows you to maintain easily. Texture surface design helps to relieve pressure of legs.

Key Features

  • Diamond plate textured 
  • Anti-skid bottom 


  • Easy to clean 
  • Fluid resistant 


  • Small. 

Stand Up Mat for Standing Desk by Keeble Outlets

8Standup Mat provides the comfort for the standing desk, which is made up of high-quality material. It comes with the 3/4″ thick foam padding that makes the product soft and smooth, which stands as the best option for kitchen and office.


This mat helps you to stand perfectly without feeling any pressure on legs, joints and feet. It comes with the 20″x39″ dimension , which allows you to move side to side, forward and backward. The best part of this mat is that, it’s easy to clean and maintain. The flat surface makes you to stand comfortably and there are no chances of curl .


  • It allows you to move around the floor.
  • Sturdy design with the high-quality material.

Flat Bottom And No-curl Edge

It provides maximum stability with the flat bottom design. No-curl edge assures no curling after overtime of usage.

Key Features

  • Soft mat
  • 3/4 thickness 


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable


  • Hard to drain water.

Designer Comfort Mat by NewLife by GelPro

7NewLife by GelPro offers the best anti-fatigue mat with a thick, high-quality foam material to reduce the pressure on the foot. It comes with the 5/8″ extra cushioning foam that assures maximum comfort. It keeps your foot, legs, and knees away from the pain. It meets the industry standard for safety and performance, which does not allow you to slip off on the floor.NewLife-by-GelPro-mat

This is the best option for kitchen and desk standing. It comes with the non-skid bottom surface that keeps you away from slipping . This ergonomic design includes the beveled edges that won’t curl easily like other mats.

It could not be broken easily. This mat is designed in a stylish Grasscloth pattern, which makes the product attractive, available in multiple colors and patterns.


  • High quality ergonomic design assures maximum comforts
  • It meets the industry standard for safety and performance.

Safe And Wet Resistant

It meets the industry standard for safety and performance. Perfect for both wet and dry surface.

Key Features

  • Ergo-foam core
  • Slip resistant 


  • Durable
  • Improves blood circulation


  • Insufficient for standing desk. 

Non-Slip Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat by Kangaroo Brands

6This mat provides the best comfort experience when compared to other anto-fatigue mats, It comes with the 3/4″ extra thick engineered design that assures the stability on the floor. It is made of high-grade foam that helps to reduce the pressure and delivers the maximum support to the feet while standing over a long duration.Kangaroo-Brands-mat

This mat is known for its maximum safety on the floor as it has designed based on the commercial grade. The sturdy design is non-toxic and phthalate free which does not produce any smell. It comes with the textured surface that provides the comfort, and beveled edged design assures no-curl. It is made of high-quality material that will not breakdown easily. It is best for high traffic surface area. 


  • The high-quality material cannot be broken easily.
  • The commercial grade design provides the last longer performance.


Non-toxic and phthalate free material. High grade foam to get the foot pain relief

Key Features

  • Advanced beveled edge  
  • Non-toxic 


  • Relieves pain
  • Phthalate free 


  • Strong chemical smell.

Premium Kitchen/Office Comfort Standing Mat by AmazonBasics

5AmazonBasics is one of the top most brand of furniture products that offers best quality design to make the ergonomic work environment. These mats help to reduce the fatigue while you are standing for a long time. The cushion foam layer provides the comfort to the feet,the extra padded foam in the mat offers the smooth and soft standing experience.AmazonBasics-mat

This is one of the best option for industrial places such as workshop where the floor is highly stained and abrasion resistant. This ergonomic design offers no-curl edge which does not get to curl on the edge even after a long time of usage. This sturdy design assures no slip off on the floor. It meets the industry standard for safety and performance. This mat is available in three colors and sizes. 


  • The ergonomic design keeps the mat in the same place which assures the maximum safety on the floor.
  • It assures the No-curl and stability.

High Grade Material

Industrial grade material works well with hard surface area. It comes with the No-curl edge that does not allows the mat to curl on edges.

Key Features

  • Cushion foam layer 
  • Abrasion resistant 


  • Non curling edges 
  • Non slip base


  • Hard smell. 

Anti-Fatigue Mat by Genuine Joe

4Genuine Joe provides the reliable anti-fatigue mats that assure maximum support for the foot, knees, and leg joints. It assures no pressure on the foot while you are standing for a long time. This is a best option for the hard and dry floor surface. The mat is made of 3/8″ thick vinyl foam that provides the smooth and comfortable experience.Genuine-Joe-mat

It comes with the striped design that provides the grips on the floor. This Rubber foam anti-fatigue mat is suitable for commercial purpose. It comes in 29.4 x 6.4 x 5.6 inches measure and also available in various sizes available. This rubber material mat won’t curl at the edge even you use it for a long time.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Rubber with foam padding for extra comfort.
  • Size available allows you to choose it for various purposes.

Thick Vinyl Foam

Thick vinyl foam padding provides the soft and comfort standing. Commercial grade material design.

Key Features

  • Vinyl foam
  • Ribbed surface 


  • Regulates blood circulation
  • Durable


  • Too flat. 

Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

3If you are looking for the pressure relief, anti-fatigue mats, then royal would be the best option for you. It assures the 40% pressure relief on your foot and knees while you are working by stand for a long duration. Whether you are cooking for a long time in the kitchen and standing in the office this would be perfect and ergonomic. The best part of this product is its multi-0surface option which is suitable for various floors such as wood, Marble, Laminate and some other types of floors.Royal-Anti-Fatigue-mat

It assures No slip off, bend or folding of the mat. It comes in very smooth design which provides the maximum comfort standing. This mat is not made to tolerate the  High Heels Shoe pressure. So standing in high heel shoes may be the risk for you. This mat comes in the measure of 20″x39″ with 0.75″ thick padded design.  It is sophisticated for hotels, airlines and some other commercial places.


  • Thick padded design provides the maximum comfort on the floor.
  • The quality design does not fold, bend and curl.

High Compatible

Floor compatibility design. It provides 40% of pressure relief on legs and knees.

Key Features

  • Thick padded design 
  • 4 color choices 


  • Removes stress
  • Never slip


  • Smells bad. 

Imprint Cumulus9 Kitchen Mat

2The imprint is also one of the top most brands which provide the ergonomic kitchen Anti-fatigue mats. These mats are up to 60% thicker when compared to other mats. With the help of this mat, you can stand in the kitchen for a long time cooking without any foot and knee pain. This material is Nontoxic which does not make any smell and it is phthalate free. It is safe for pets and children.Imprint-mat

This mat is proven for its ergonomic design that helps to reduce the fatigues. It comes with No-curl edge design and stay-flat memory provides the best quality top imprint mats that assure the mats won’t curl if you use it regularly like other anti-fatigue mats. These mats are certified by the American Chiropractic Association  Partner (ACA).


  • Ergonomic design with the high-quality material that is 60% thicker than when compared to other material.
  • No-toxic and No-curl design .

Thicker Mat

60% thicker when compared to other Mats. Stay flat memory design provides the stability on the floor.

Key Features

  • Phthalate free
  • No curl edges 


  • Non-toxic
  • Relieves stress completely


  • Not pleasant color. 

Sky Anti-Fatigue Mat by Sky solutions

1Sky Solutions delivers the best comfort standing anti-fatigue mat to make your workstation more ergonomic. This is a top most brand that enhances the quality anti-fatigue mats around the world. It has the maximum amount of satisfied customers from various part of the world.Sky-Solutions-mat

This is made of a commercial grade, thick material that provides the maximum stability on the floor. With the help of this mat, you can able to stand for a long period without getting and foot and knee pain.  The design comes with the safe and beveled edge that makes the product unique. The material is high in quality which does not make any Off-gassing smell. This is the best choice for kitchen and household purpose.


  • The material has  nontoxic and off gassing smell.
  • Commercial grade material which is high in quality
  • Attractive design that provides the ergonomic performance.
  • It provides the maximum durability that keep you safe from the slipping or tripping on the floor.

No Gas Smell

No Off gassing smell like other mats. It provides maximum stability even on the hard surface with the help of textured bottom surface.

Key Features

  • Beveled edge 
  • Commercial grade thickness 


  • Eco-friendly 
  • Non-toxic


  • Expensive. 

Bottom Line…

Get a comfort standing work environment by purchasing the best anti fatigue mats for you. Hope the above buying guide and top 10 best picks might have helped you to choose the right type of anti-fatigue mats. 

Do have nay queries? Feel free to contact me through the comment section below, you can also share your ideas on the topic below. 

Top 5 Best Massaging Foot Wears of 2017 Review & Comparison

Though the foot massagers are effective, they act only as a temporary treatment for relieving the stress and pain. To avoid this, massaging foot wears can be used. These foot wears are effective and they are built-in with various massaging features.massaging-footwear

This footwear walks along with the user, and so the stress and strains within the legs get relieved easily. With this footwear, the pain will not be felt by the user even after a long walk or after a long-standing feature.

Added to this, the massaging footwear can be even used for regulating the circulation of the body. Hence, these foot wears can be used by the people of all ages. Since the need and importance of the massaging footwear are high, it is the responsibility of the user to buy the best massaging footwear from the market.

Need Of A Massaging Footwear

Massaging footwear is a best relaxing accessory to all the users. Using this footwear, the metabolism of the body can be maintained constant. Further, the blood circulation increases within the body, so that any defect within the body functions can be eliminated easily. Even the blood pressure can be maintained constant with this footwear.

Added to this, the foot is maintained soft even after long walking. The foot pain and plantar fasciitis can be eliminated completely with this footwear. Further, the diabetic level can also be controlled.

Since this footwear has various uses, the user should select and choose one of the best-suited footwear from the market.

To make your work simple I have listed some of the top rated massaging footwear from the market. Hope this will make you select the footwear with advanced functions.

Inexpensive Massaging Footwear

cheapest spinning reel

Best Massaging Footwear

Mid Range Massaging Footwear

Top 5 Best Massaging Foot Wears Chosen by MassagerLand.Com

Acu-Reflex Massage Sandals


The Acu-Reflex Massage Sandals is a popular massaging sandal that is commonly used almost in all the regions of the world. The performance of this sandal is high and so it can be used durable in various environmental situations and climatic conditions. Further, this sandal comes in different varied sizes, so that all the people can use this.acu-reflex-massage-sandals

This sandal is designed with 100’s of small reflexology points in it. These points offer high relaxation feature to all the persons. Further, the stress within the feet can be eliminated completely with the help of these relaxation points.

This slipper is designed with a 100% durable material and so the efficiency and performance of the device can be maintained high for a long time. The design of this sandal is simple and so it can be used for outdoor purposes also. This sandal also has a quick dry lining with it. With this lining, water within the sandal can be drained out easily.

Small Reflexology Points

100’s of small reflexology points are used within the sandal. These points are effective and they reduce the stress completely from the body.

Key Features

  • High-quality material
  • Adjustable strap


  • Durable


  • Low-quality rubber knobs.

Massage Orthotic Reflexology Sandals


The Massage Orthotic Sandals is a reflexology sandal that is designed with various massaging qualities and capabilities in it. This massaging sandal is widely used as an acupuncture sandal because it stimulates various nerves within the feet. The stimulation is done with the help of various massage knobs present within the sandal.massage-orthotic-reflexology-sandals-with-acupressure-knobs

The massage knobs are designed soft so that it does not affect the feet. Further, the massaging knobs are bigger in size, so that various acupuncture nodes can be stimulated easily with the device. In addition to this, the upper part of this sandal is designed with hook and loop structure, so that the user can wear this sandal with higher comfort.

This sandal can be used for stimulating blood circulation to a great extent. In addition to this, various body functions and metabolism can also be maintained with this device. The blood pressure of the body can also be reduced with this slipper.

Massaging Knobs

Massaging knobs used within the sandal are bigger and it can be used durable for various acupuncture treatments.

Key Features

  • Acupuncture knobs
  • Loop structure


  • Offers comfort
  • Relieves stress


  • Offers discomfort in the beginning.

Iliving Natural Stone Massage Shoes – Reflexology Sandals


The iLIVING massaging shoes is 100% natural footwear that is designed with advanced features. The important feature of this sandal is the stones used within the sandal. These stones are effective and it can be used as a natural stress relaxing measure. The stones are placed with reflexology principle.iliving-natural-stone-massage-shoes-reflexology-sandals

Further, the stones used within the sandal are placed based on Chinese medicine. Hence various medical bills of the user can be eliminated easily. The important function of this footwear is to avoid stress and pain completely from the body. It also increases the blood circulation of the body.

The metabolism of the body can also be maintained with this footwear. It also relieves back pain and headache in all the users. Further, all the natural stones used within the device are 100% natural earth stones that are selected from different regions of the earth.

Natural Stones

Natural stones are used within the sandal and so the performance of the footwear is high.

Key Features

  • Natural stones
  • Reflexology


  • Avoids stress
  • Relieves body pain


  • Less comfort.

Kkika Rotating Accupressure Foot Slippers


The Kkika Foot Slippers is an innovative massaging slipper that is designed with various advanced functions and additional features with it. This footwear is effective and it removes the stress and stain completely from the body. Further, this footwear offers advanced acupuncture treatment to all the users.kkika-rotating-accupressure-foot-slippers

This footwear is designed with high-quality materials that can be used for safeguarding both feet and leg. The foot massager offered by this device is purely based on reflexology treatment. This footwear is designed in such a way that it can activate 41 acupuncture points within the feet.

These 41 acupuncture points are used for regulating and developing the various function of the body. Even the back pain and stress from the body can be eliminated completely. Even the medical bills can be eliminated with this massager so that the performance of the device is maintained high for a long time.

Acupuncture Treatment

This foot massager is designed in such a way that it can offer acupuncture treatment to all the users. So that the medical bill of the person can be reduced.

Key Features

  • Innovative
  • Reflexology


  • Safe
  • Valuable


  • Foot bed material is not durable.

Adidas Originals Men’s Adissage Sandal


The adidas Originals Men’s Adissage Sandal is high-quality massaging footwear. The important feature of this sandal is its design. The design of this footwear is similar to regular sandals. This footwear is made up of heavy-duty materials that can withstand various climatic conditions and situations.adidas-originals-mens-adissage-sandal

The outsole of the device is designed with PU material. This material is effective and it increases the durability of the material to a great extent. Further, the upper region of the sandal is designed with synthetic PU material to withstand stress. This also has various massager buds with it. These massager buds reduce the stress of the person and increase blood circulation.

In addition to this, adjustable hook and loop closure mechanism are also equipped with the device. With this, the size of the wear can be easily adjusted according to the width of the feet. Further, the lifetime and durability of the device are high and so it can be used for a long time.

Hoop And Loop Closure

Advanced hoop and loop closure system are used within the device so that it can be adjusted easily according to the need of the user.

Key Features

  • PU foot bed
  • Quick dry lining


  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight mid-stole


  • Nubs break off easily.

Top 5 Best Quiet Foot Massagers of 2017 Review & Comparison

Foot massager is one of the best products in the modernized busy world, in the foot massager there are various different kinds ofquiet-foot-massager massager used for various different purposes. The specially designed motorized foot massagers used to be annoying the sounds of the massagers and this loud noise made is not able to relax. In some case if the noisy is made then we may not feel comfortable feel and get disturbed so we invent a quiet foot massage to provide a better feel and benefits. This spa massager is quietly effective and useful in maintain a healthy foot by getting rid of hard foots.


Today’s foot massagers and spas are not only durable but also highly effective; these modern devices are also amazingly quiet. If you have been looking for a modernized foot massager that doesn’t sound, then this review gives you one of the best effective information to know about the product.

Inexpensive Quiet Foot Massager

cheapest spinning reel

Best Quiet Foot Massager

Mid Range Quiet Foot Massager

Top 5 Best Quiet Foot Massagers Chosen by MassagerLand.Com

Human Touch “Reflex-2” Foot & Calf Massager


The Human Touch “Reflex-2” Foot and Calf Massager is the very easiest and most effective way to massage the tired muscles and joints to keep relaxed. This pressure in the body feels more comfortable and enjoys the massages of the body.human-touch-foot-calf-massager

It is designed by the principle of Ergonomic styling this principle has made enhanced tilt angle perfectly matches the body’s ergonomics for maximum comfort, this design provide more stylish comfortable pattern and make helps in providing the foot with more comfort.

The Human Touch “Reflex-2” Foot and Calf Massager is the form of relaxing and enjoying the massage with Human Touch patented Figure-Eight Technology which helps in healing and soothing your feet every day.

These massagers is a patented technology which completely surrounds the feet and calves to provide with highly effect massage which is same as the highly expert massagers in the parlor. It is also provided by powerful rollers which help in the effective massaging of the toes which gets relief easily from the foot ache.

It is enhanced with non skid floor protectors which protect the floor in quiet operation technology and is quiet without any flouring sound

Uses the principle of Ergonomic styling

This principle has made enhanced tilt angle perfectly matches the body's ergonomics for maximum comfort and is enhanced with non skid floor protectors which protect the floor in quiet operation technology.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic style
  • Touch patented Figure-8 Technology


  • No crushing problem
  • Stretchable joints


  • struggling with planters fasciitis.

Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa


The Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating footbath is used in maintaining soothing the foot and massages the entire feet to relieve from stress tired feet. When the massager set is on it comes with the heavy warm water to get relax and relief from pain also it comes with adr-scholls-invigorating-pedicure-foot-spa massaging roller which renews and revives tired feet, and a pumice stone to soften your heels & 5 piece pedicure kit to keep your feet soft, healthy and nails polished.

This model, Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating footbath is very useful in day to day home for special purposes it is useful in maintaining the feet and helps in moisturizing. Instead of using water jet, this foot kit supplies more bubbles for massaging at all pressure points on your feet.

This makes the feet comfortable and relaxed for long time. This principal is designed for soothing the feet, which also helps in relieving from pain also maintaining healthy feet.

The great advantage of using this machine is to create hot steam with air bubbles. Most of us feel happy with this successful invention because of their valuable equipment of 5 piece pedicure. With this device you can treat your rough and dry heels effectively.

5 Piece Pedicure Kit

Most of us feel happy with this successful invention because of their valuable equipment of 5 piece pedicure, this 5 piece pedicure kit to keep your feet soft, healthy and nails polished.

Key Features

  • 5 piece pedicure set
  • Warm water bubble system


  • Controlling noise level
  • Warm bubbles helps to ease pain


  • High price.

U Comfy Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat


U Comfy Shiatsu Foot Massager with heat uses the principle of shiatsu therapy and heated air massage it works with air pressure , heat and kneading which helps to relieve the pain from the feet. This foot massager helps in regulating the flow of blood from the foot to body and improves respiration.u-comfy-shiatsu-foot-massager-with-heat

U Comfy foot massager massages your foot from top to bottom and enables you to feel sleek appearance, light, and portable

This increases versatility, this model has five different settings, ensuring your comfortable and portable massage. The graduate intensity settings help in increasing the intensity of the massage to allow the flow of pressure in a limited duration.

There is an automatic setting of the machine which helps in massaging automatically. Instead of bending you can manipulate the controls and actions of the device located on the center console during your massage.

Uses the principle of shiatsu therapy

It works with air pressure, heat and kneading which helps to relieve the pain from the feet and regulating the flow of blood from the foot to body and improves respiration.

Key Features

  • Foot reflexology
  • 5 level intensity


  • Regulates the flow of blood
  • Change the level of intensity


  • Little bit painful massage.

Med Massager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager


Med Massager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager is one of the most powerful electric massager available in market. It is provided by a full sized oscillating Foot Pad with pressure point targeting surface and an arch-Bar.medmassager-mmf06-11-speed-diabetic-foot-massager

This is used by Doctors and Therapists to help stimulate blood circulation in the feet and legs. This Med Massager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager is also used by the patients with diabetes and neuropathy to promote healthy blood flow and ease pain.

The Med Massager Foot massager is used clinically to treat patients with severe circulation issues and pain as a result of diabetes and neuropathy. Used by doctors and therapists around the world, this massager is an important tool for stimulating local circulation, easing muscle tension and alleviating joint pain and swelling

This is designed as the rugged, reliable construction which comes with hard wood and tiled floor. This is the most powerful electric massager which is used by the people of USA without any license. This foot massager is designed for therapeutic and clinical use, and hence it is designed by a high quality products material concerned by doctor.

This massager is also FDA certified for therapeutic use. It is also certified for safety and stability. In case of any defects and failure there will be a replacement of price in 1 yr. The foot massager speed motor control from 1,000rpm to 3,700rpm for maximum comfort and control.

Highly recommended by patients

The Med Foot Massager is also used by the patients with diabetes and neuropathy to promote healthy blood flow and ease pain.

Key Features

  • Full sized oscillating Foot Pad
  • High electric power


  • Used for diabetes and neuropathy
  • Highly safety


  • More vibration.

Homedics FMS-270H Shiatsu Foot Massager


Homedics FMS-270H Shiatsu Foot Massager is considered to be one of the quietest foot massagers for home; it is very easy to use. The control buttons are conveniently placed on the top of the massager for your convenient access.homedics-deep-kneading-fms-270h-shiatsu-foot-massager

The shiatsu massage relaxes tired tendons and muscles, and it is provided by the heating functions which help to smoothening the harden feet and getting relaxed.

It is provided by 6 massaging heads that rotate for overall coverage of the spa and 18 nodes to rub away pain; this is the best foot massagers which reveals the pain from the foot and provide the best feel ever in your feet.

This product is not recommended by the use of diabetics. It is easy to use touch controls that can be conveniently reached with your toes.

Overall coverage of the spa

It is provided by 6 massaging heads that rotate for overall coverage of the spa and 18 nodes to rub away pain.

Key Features

  • 4 rotational heads
  • 12 massage nodes


  • High quality
  • Soothing heat


  • Cannot used by patients.

Top 5 Best Foot And Leg Massagers of 2017 Review & Comparison

A foot massager is a tool used by a person. A professional foot massager is a person who knows to control the blood pleasure, body pain, controls mind and gives relaxation.leg-and-foot-massager

A foot massager will have various techniques like touching, twisting, pressing, and stretching this is a type of therapy where you can get relief from all blood pressure, pain etc . This simulates the blood circulations to flow well.

The best foot massager applies pressure to the foot’s ‘pressure points’ to relieve stress and pain for maintaining your health, strength, energy. The Yoga-type stretching helps to improve foot flexibility.

Now a day electronic appliances are used as a foot massager who lets you to get relax and heal your feet. There are different kinds and different massaging type of machine introduced which stimulates the live therapist achieves all the needs you want.

For the happy feet, flexibility, and peace of mind this review shows in detail about the wonders of the massage device.

Inexpensive Foot And Leg Massager

cheapest spinning reel

Best Foot And Leg Massager

Mid Range Foot And Leg Massager

Top 5 Best Foot And Leg Massagers Chosen by MassagerLand.Com

Giantex Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Vibration Heating Foot Calf Leg Massager


Giantex Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Vibration Heating Foot Calf Leg Massager is an Ergonomically Designed foot massager; this ergonomically designed to target the sensitive areas of the calves and soles of feet, which is to replicate ancient massage. It emulates the techniques used by Chiropractors and massage Therapists.giantex-shiatsu-kneading-rolling-vibration-heating-foot-calf-leg-massager

It is designed by 8 massage discs for relieving pain from feet And 4 discs for calves providing 360 degree massage. This Foot Massage And Calf Massage Can Work Separately Or Simultaneously.

It is provided by 3 Custom Modes of foot massage, 3 intensities of calf massage And 3 levels of heating. The device is easy To Clean with a dry cotton cloth. It is featured with auto shut off system after the massager use For 15 Minutes, which is useful in clean blending of device.

It is provided by adjustable Speed so that the massages can be taken accordingly. The product measures to 17.7X17.7X19.7 inch and Power Consumption to 80W

Auto shut off system

It is featured with auto shut off system after the massager use For 15 Minutes, which is useful in clean blending of device.

Key Features

  • 80 Watts Power
  • 3 Custom Modes


  • Easy to use
  • Auto shut down system


  • Weighs little.

Zeny Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling Foot Massager


Zeny Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling Foot Massager Machine w/ Remote Control Personal Home Health Care Tool Red is designed Ergonomically which targets the sensitive points of calf region and soles of feet the reflecting characters of the complicated nerve system.zeny-shiatsu-kneading-and-rolling-foot-massager

It is characterized by an automatic massage program with 4 optional modes; kneading, rolling & massaging combinations to give reflexology therapies to different human’s organs.

Zeny Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling Foot Massager Machine w/ Remote Control Personal Home Health Care is provided by 3 custom modes to target your tip toe, arch of the foot, sole of the foot with adjustable kneading speed. You can also choose manual mode massage on the affected area with the level intensity to massage at the pressure points.

Zeny Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling Foot Massager are measured as 25.59 x 15.35 x 12.2 inch by their length, breadth and height. It weights to15.8 lbs and is easily movable.

Two modes available for this foot massager, one is automatic, one is manual. There is a Pressure nodes is located under the soles of your feet which stimulate the vital reflexology pressure points which helps to improves blood circulation. Its direction and speed could only be adjusted in manual mode.

Its Operation is either by handy touch-panel control or a remote control. Available in a Velour, New Micro Suede Fabric. The detachable fabric foot covers for easy cleaning and is not hard to remove stain; its power assumption is about 40 watts

5 different modes are for treating

Deep-Kneading & Vibrating Motions Relieve Tired Muscles, Center Control Panel Massage is used in setting strength, Massage type, and Heat.

Key Features

  • 3 custom modes of massage


  • Standard plug in power
  • Washable clothes


  • Less heat.

Best Choice Products Shiatsu Foot Massager

3Best Choice Products Shiatsu Foot Massager Kneading and Rolling Leg Calf Ankle is the best foot massager for the relief of the foot pain and it also massage your ankle to get relaxed. This machine will become your personal

The Best choice product measures to the product dimensions of 22x 12 x10 inches by their length, breadth and height with 13.5 lbs. The only thing is to switch on the current and sit comfy chair place your feet in the machine, and turn it on and sit relaxed for 5 min. It has the automatic switching option between 4 modes which massages different places at your feet at levels which includes the toes, arch, heel and the side of feet (ankle) etc.

According to the button on the Best Choice Products Shiatsu Foot Massager Kneading and Rolling Leg massager we choose the mode in it, by the custom option. If you want to target at different place then you can set the mode on another place by the rolling option.

This is designed specifically to target all sensitive areas of your feet through various forms of massage including pulsing, kneading, and rolling. There are 4 modes on the foot roller you can either select any of the 3 modes of the roller to target it on and get relieve from the pain.

Automatic Switching Option

It has the automatic switching option between 4 modes which massages different places at your feet at levels which includes the toes, arch, heel and the side of feet.

Key Features

  • Hard rolling ball
  • 2 mode massage


  • Customized speed
  • Remote control


  • Little low quality.

Aw Kneading Rolling Foot Leg Massager


Aw Kneading Rolling Foot Leg Massager is designed with kneading and rolling to relief tension and fatigue with traditional shiatsu and reflexology therapy. The Kneading discs are provided with elastic step width and handy touch-panel control on case.kneading-rolling-massager-personal-equipment

The automatic massage program is with 4 optional modes, Kneading, rolling & massaging combinations. With both auto and manual massage programs to choose, adjustable speeds with low, middle, high. This can be operated by either the handy touch-panel control on the unit or the remote control.

Aw Kneading Rolling Foot Leg Massager is made of high quality ABS which is designed with kneading and rolling to relief tension and fatigue with traditional shiatsu and reflexology therapy.

This foot leg massager is an effective healthy massage for dual-foot, single foot, and sole region, good for personal care and health. It comes with the manual system process.

Home Health Care Equipment

This home health care equipment is used to relief tension and fatigue with traditional shiatsu and reflexology therapy.

Key Features

  • Rolling
  • Massaging combinations


  • Sturdy product
  • Durable


  • No battery.

Orion Motor Tech Electric Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Foot Massager


Orion Motor Tech Electric Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Foot Massager with Remote Foot Massager allows you to have a super comfortable foot massage at home. It is specially designed by the principle of ergonomic; which targets the sensitive points of the soles. This improves relaxing the whole body and improves the blood circulations of the body.orion-motor-tech-electric-shiatsu-kneading-rolling-foot-massager-with-remote-foot-massager

There are 3 custom modes that target your tip toes, arch of the foot, and sole of the foot with adjustable kneading speeds this are relaxed by the 3 massager system kneading, rolling and massaging combine to give reflexology therapies to different organs of the body. This kneading and rolling massager will truly help relieve tension by massaging your feet and ankles.

Orion Motor Tech Electric Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Foot Massager has the following specifications of power input of 110V, power consumption of 40W, and it weight to 15.5 lbs.

This product is very easy to use which is controlled by the touch panel or the remote control. It is provided by detachable velour fabric covers for easy cleaning. Research has shown that the feet can have an impact on all the body. By relaxing your feet you can improve your overall health of the body.

By replicating the method of shiatsu massage, this foot massager is designed to be powerful yet smooth. You will experience deep squeezing, rolling and kneading massage at the same time, and you can easily adjust the level of intensity and the pressure points.

Deep Kneading Massager

There is a center power button in deep kneading massager who is made for easy toe touch Control and there is no need of bending down.

Key Features

  • Kneading
  • Automatic and manual option


  • Healing feet
  • Flexible


  • Cord is too short.

Top 5 Best Foot Massagers For Diabetics of 2017 Review & Comparison

Most of them use their feet frequently when compared to other parts inbuilt in the body. Due to this factor, stress build up in the feet area to cause lot of health issues. For all such a situation, you need to have a proper foot massager on your own.diabetic-foot-massager

Buying the new foot massager, favor you to save your money investment on improper foot massagers thereby provide a convenience of complete relaxing within the home itself. It not only save your affording and keep you relax, it also cater to eliminate the pain retains in your foot.

Thus it is good to have a best foot massager for yourself to alleviate pain, stress and fatigue out from your foot. Make sure to purchase the best one, if you are in the market to have a foot massager.

I have reviewed some of the best foot massager products and below is a list of the top rated foot massager to step down a path for a happy and healthy feet.

Unspoken Assets Of Diabetic Foot Massager

Most of the diabetic patient pretends to loss their sensation in feet due to the lack of proper exercising and mobility factor. For this reason only, most of the physicians go with the usage of the foot massagers.

The foot massager plays a vital role to help the diabetic patients to regulate the blood flow in a proper condition. When diabetic patient start to rub their feet with the foot massager, it helps to ease all the diabetic complaints and attains the happy mood.

Regular usage of this diabetic foot massager for about 15 minutes each a day makes you to lower down the high blood pressure caused due to the hyper stress activities. It assists in treating the head aching and effective to eradicate the high blood pressure.

Not only it helps the diabetic patients, but it does an improvement in the varicose vein appearance. With the proper blood circulation, you can gain an improved healthier heart condition with good blood flow circulation.

Inexpensive Diabetic Foot Massager

cheapest spinning reel

Best Diabetic Foot Massager

Mid Range Diabetic Foot Massager

Top 5 Best Diabetic Foot Massagers Chosen by MassagerLand.Com

Healthmate Forever Powerful Warm Vibrating Foot Massager


Enjoy using this foot massager for treating the diabetic complaints such as swelling legs, foot aching and fatigues. Not only it treats diabetics but also aids to relieve all aching by means of the heat therapeutic option inbuilt in this massager.healthmate-forever-powerful-warm-vibrating-foot-massager

It make use of the shiatsu massaging techniques mated with the heat therapy to soothing and relieving the feet aches caused due to the diabetes. This foot massager seems like the footwear but it helps to treat the tired feet, swollen feet, foot injuries, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, leg fatigue and tendinitis.

This foot massager is highly enclosed with convenient warm fleece lining to keep your foot in a smoother and relaxed state. Its vibrating and heating option covers five different vibrating modes to gently heat and relax the foot muscles for promoting the blood flow rate. This durable foot massager also includes two different options, one for vibration and another for heating.

Powerful Warm Vibrating Foot Massager

This powerful foot massager comes out with the two separate massaging modes such as vibrating and heating which seems similar to the footwear structuring.

Key Features

  • Vibrating setup
  • Warm fleece liner


  • Easy to clean
  • Heat therapeutic option


  • Absence of kneading massaging.

Belmint 18 Node Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager for diabetics


You can able to eliminate the wastage of money investment in spa with the use of this Belmint 18 node foot massager unit for archiving an extreme massaging experience. It makes your space as a private spa to ease all your foot aching due to diabetes.belmint-18-node-deep-kneading-shiatsu-foot-massager-for-diabetics

Enjoy a deep kneading massage at a one button touch which tends to improve your blood flow regulation. Finest of all, its durable nodes never get tire to make you pleasure throughout a day. With its dual foot beds and six rotational heads, you can able to get a relief from foot aching.

Its two to three massage settings makes the price bit higher than others. This foot massager performs deep kneading massage results in soothing of the diabetic complaints. The easy toe touch control effectively relieves all the diabetic complaints rapidly.

Sit relax and stable with its freestanding feature to adjust the feet height settings up to four numbers. Its independent heat selecting option ease your tightened muscles and to provide the gentle warm in treating the diabetes.

18 Node Deep Kneading Massager

This deep kneading massager constitute of 18 different nodes to relieve the stress factors present in the diabetic patients.

Key Features

  • Freestanding feature
  • Extreme massage experience


  • Powerful relief
  • Tightens muscles


  • Unfit for large sensitive feet.

Brookstone Shiatsu 839379 Foot Massager for diabetics


Massaging with the Brookstone foot massager enables the user with a deep kneading massage by means of compressed air and rollers. People with the diabetes can able to find greater relief in this foot massager such that it serves both shiatsu massaging and heating technique.brookstone-shiatsu-839379-foot-massager-for-diabetics

With this shiatsu electric foot massager, you can able to set the rollers to knead deeply for relieving muscle aches, soreness and tightening effect. The inbuilt type of cord is wrapped heavily with zip out linings for easy cleaning option. Its heat selecting option relaxes your feet by making them more responsive to the massaging effect.

This foot massager is specially designed for the diabetes to handover the relaxing environment with two different massage intensity options such as high and low. Its integrated handle let you to massage easily and store it conveniently for later retrieval.

It incorporates 3 automatic programmed massaging options such as pulse, soothe and energize option. This foot massager promotes both relaxation and blood circulation thereby helps to mitigate all your tensions, muscle pain, legs aching and fatigue problems due to the diabetes.

Automated Programmable Massager

This automated programmable massager yields three massaging options such as pulse, soothe and energize to relieve all your foot aching.

Key Features

  • Electric foot massager
  • Deep kneading massage


  • Promote relaxation
  • Improve blood circulation


  • Extreme heating at lower mode.

Medi-Rub Diabetic Foot Massager 2000 Plus


You don’t want to waste your time in maintaining this Medi-Rub Foot massager and you can able to attain the proper blood flow in both calves and feet. This diabetic foot massager consists of two speed heavy duty motor unit for providing strong massaging speeds.medi-rub-diabetic-foot-massager-2000-plus

Its oscillating action helps to regulate the nerve system which is specially designed for neuropathy and diabetic patients for accurate blood flow. This diabetic foot massager constitutes the ability to penetrate deep in to the muscles to relieve all your pains and aching.

With this maintenance free machine, you can ease all your pains in heels and toes with the improved circulation in both upper and lower legs. It is ideal and easy to operate for those who suffered from foot pain and poor blood circulation due to diabetes.

Its rubbing arch bar tends to mitigate the leg fatigue and promote the optimum comfort with its four sturdy rubber legs. This durable foot massager constitutes the full potential to reach all the pressure points even in the harder foot areas.

Two Speed Heavy Duty Motor, Durable Diabetic Foot Massager

This durable foot massager is specially featured with the heavy duty motor for activating the two speed massage settings to relieve all the diabetic complaints.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty motor
  • 2 speed massaging


  • Proper circulation
  • Treat diabetes


  • No vibration
  • Bit pricy

MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Diabetic Foot Massager


If you suffers from and diabetes, join pain and swelling; this MedMassager MMF06 foot massager with 11 speeds serves the best to relieve all your pain. This foot massager machine features 11 speed settings of adjustable types for the user’s amenity.medmassager-mmf06-11-speed-diabetic-foot-massager

Its ergonomic design constitutes the ability to track out all the pressure points involved in your foot. With this affordable foot massager, you can easily get deliverance from leg and foot aching similar to that of the clinical and therapeutic effect.

This powerful electric foot massager gains its popularity among professional therapists and other common people to pioneer in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy foot caring. It includes low noise free operating motor and gel pad to be used conveniently over the smooth floors.

The oscillating foot pad embedded with the arch bar favor to stimulate your foot, toe, heal and leg joints. This foot massager machine is well designed with the pressure point targeting to promote the level of blood flow circulation throughout your body.

11 Speed Foot Massager

Its 11 different speed setting enable you to adjust the speed variation to regulate the blood flow and foot aching caused in the diabetic patients.

Key Features

  • Pressure point target
  • Oscillating foot pad


  • Diabetic treatment
  • Prevent foot aching


  • No kneading massaging.

Top 6 Best Foot Massager For Plantar Fasciitis of 2017 Review & Comparison

Mostly many people all over the world suffer from a common problem in their foot. This is foot pain and there are various reasons for foot pain. It may be caused due to stress, constant walking, inflammation in tissues etc. foot-massager-for-plantar-fasciitisPlantar fasciitis is also an important reason for foot pain.

Foot massager is considered to the best and natural way to treat plantar fasciitis. Regular massage will eradicate this problem completely from the foot. There are various types of foot massager available for plantar fasciitis in the markets. Among them, one should select the best suitable and useful equipment for plantar fasciitis.

The foot massager for plantar fasciitis is generally of two important types. One is automatic foot massager that operates of its own and the other in manual foot massagers which requires manual force for operation. Both these two-foot massagers are effective and they offer higher performance to the users

Need Of A Foot Massager For Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fasciitis can be treated with regular massage too, but any imperfections in this massage will lead to a big problem. Hence foot massager should be used while treating the person with foot problems.

Further, the foot massagers are built with various features. These features increase the metabolism and functions of the body. It also supports the body and adds various healthy and attractive features to it.

Hence, it is important to choose the best foot massager for plantar fasciitis that relieves pain and increases the metabolism of the body.

As there are two types of foot massagers, it’s the duty of the user to select the best foot massager for their convenience.

To help you, I have shortlisted some of the top rated foot massagers from both the categories.

Best Automatic Massager

cheapest spinning reel

Favorite Plantar Fasciitis Massager  

Best Manual Massager

Top 6 Best Plantar Fasciitis Foot Massagers Chosen by MassagerLand.Com

Manual Foot Massagers

As mentioned above manual foot massagers are devices designed with manual operation. These foot massagers are effective and that can be used durable in various environment and climatic situations. Some of the top rated products in manual foot massagers are listed below.

Theraflow Dual Foot Massager Roller


The top rated manual foot massager among all the categories is the TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller. This device is effective and it is designed lightweight with easy operation. This massager is made up of high quality, polished Theaceae wood that is durable. theraflow-dual-foot-massager-roller-largeThis wood is effective and it can beat large weights without any stress or strain.

This device is designed in such a way that it can be operated in two modes. These two modes are the acupuncture mode and the kneading mode. The acupuncture mode is used for stimulating the nerves within the legs and the kneading mode is used for massaging the foot gently with pressure.

This massager acts as a best relaxing agent by maintaining all the important functions of the body. It relieves pain from the body and refreshes tired, sore and ache feet. The weight of the device is varying less and so it can be used durable in various environment conditions and climatic situations.  Various Neuro problems can also be avoided with this device.

Reduces Neuro Problems

Various neuro problem associated with feet can be avoided easily with the help of this massager.

Key Features

  • Theaceae wood
  • Solid construction


  • Portable
  • Versatile


  • Hard to install.

Foot Massager – Relieves Foot Pain And Stress In Minutes – By Foot Log


The Foot Log foot massager is ad durable foot massager that is designed scientifically with advanced functions. The key function of this foot massager is, it improves circulation within the body and so the metabolism of the body is maintained constant. foot-massager-relieves-foot-pain-and-stress-in-minutes-by-foot-logThis is a dual foot roller and so it can be used easily for two foot at the same time.

The color of this foot roller is very attractive. This device is colored in the rainbow format. Spikes are used within the dual roller. These spikes are used as an acupuncture treatment for maintaining the functions of the body. Added to this, the massager can be used as a best relaxing agent for reducing the stress and pain from the legs.

This massager can be used regularly as a heath care device. Further, this massager also relieves stains within the foot and so it can be used during hurt or any defects within the device. This device is designed to compact, lightweight and portable.

Improves Metabolism

This massager is designed with spikes, these spikes increase the circulation of the blood.

Key Features

  • Multi-colored
  • Spikes


  • Easy to use and portable.


  • Week pressure roller.

Triggerpoint NANO Foot Roller Massager


The TriggerPoint NANO Foot Roller Massager is an innovative device that is designed for increasing the functions of the foot. This massager is small and compact, and so it is referred as NANO massager. This is a single foot massager and so only one foot can be used at a time. triggerpoint-nano-foot-roller-massagerThis device increases the stability and various attractive and additional functions and features of the device to a great extent.

The special feature of this massager is the foam base. The foam base ensures soft pain relief massaging to all the users. The operation is soft, and so stress and other defects of the feet can be relieved easily. The dense foam is used for channeling the blood circulation directly from the feet.

This device is also designed with the lightweight feature so that it can be taken and carried to various places as per as the need of the user. The ends of the roller are made up of plastic that is designed to withstand weight and stress.


This device is designed to compact and so it can be taken and carried anywhere with high performance.

Key Features

  • Filled with foam
  • Plastic body


  • Easy to carry


  • Hard to handle.

Automatic Foot Massagers

The automatic foot massagers are devices that operate automatically without any external force for operation. Most widely, these are electronic devices that operates with the help of the inbuilt program. Some of the top-rated automatic foot massagers are listed below.

Medimassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager


The MediMassager MMF06 11 foot massager is a powerful device that is designed with the high-speed operation for the users. This foot massager is effective and the speeds of the device can be varied according to the need of the user. medimassager-mmf06-11-speed-foot-massagerThe speed of the device can be varied with 11 variable modes, and so the comfort offered by the device is high.

This device is equipped with a high-quality full-size arched foot pad with an arched bar. The arch bar is used for improving various functions of the foot and it helps in relieving the foot pains to a great extent. In addition to this, it also has pressure pointing target surface. This surface is effective and it relieves the stress of the user.

This device also increases the circulation of blood and so various functions of the body can be maintained constant. This massager has a rugged construction for increased durability and advanced functions. It offers vibration massage and so the foot pain can be reduced completely with the device.

Increases Blood Flow

This massager increases the blood circulation; this regulates all the metabolism and functions of the body to a great extent.

Key Features

  • Rugged design
  • Foot pad


  • Offers vibrating massager
  • Relieves pain


  • Heavy weight.

3Q Mg-F18 Foot Massager


The 3Q MG-F18 Foot Massager is a multifunctional device that offers perfect massaging to both the legs and feet. This device is effective and it covers most types of the feet ailments and pain. 3q-mg-f18-shiatsu-kneading-foot-massagerThis device is effective and it operates in various modes of operation.

The air pressure used within the device is effective and it acts as the best stress relaxing formula to the feet. This air can be operated in three variable modes as per as the need of the user. This massager also has heat feature with it. This heat feature can be used for relieving the pain within the foot to a great extent.

This device has both automatic and manual working modes. Both these modes are effective and they operate with higher performance and convenience. Further, the massager is also equipped with auto-turn off feature. This feature will turn off the device after 15 minutes of massaging and so it saves the power.

Multifunctional Device

This massager is a multifunctional device designed with kneading and acupuncture functionality.

Key Features

  • Three adjustable air modes
  • Auto turn-off feature


  • Multi-functional
  • Complete stress relief


  • Durability is less.

Aw Kneading Rolling Foot Leg Massager Calf W/ Remote Control


The Aw Kneading Rolling Foot Leg Massager is an innovative massager designed with various advanced features and facilities. This massager acts as a best suitable tool to relieve foot pain completely without any effects and disadvantage.kneading-rolling-massager-personal-equipment

This device is designed in an innovative way with various advanced features and importance. The body of this device is made up of high-quality ABS plastic that can withstand various environment situations and conditions. This is a multi-functional device and so the performance offered by the device is high compared to various external means.

This device also has remote control operation with it. This operation offers higher comfort to the user because it controls all the functions of the device with higher advantage and performance. Further, this device can be operated in various modes of operation.

Remote Control Operation

This device has remote control technology with it and so the operation performed by the device can be controlled with the help of remote.

Key Features

  • ABS plastic
  • 4-operational modes


  • Durable
  • Speed control


  • Weight is high.